Distinctive mezcal: 4 bottles to discover the spirit’s complexity

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While many people grab a tequila to enjoy in that margarita or paloma, a distinctive mezcal can add nuance to the glass. Although the traditional spirit can be steeped in mystery, the art and craft of the distillation can make that first sip turn into many more. These four bottles showcase the mezcal’s diversity.

Picking a mezcal can be as complex as picking any other spirit. The methods, regions and other nuances make one bottle stand out from another. While the ultimate choice comes down to personal preference, appreciating the differences can foster a more robust conversation around the table.

Although the initial boom in popularity may have waned, the Mexican spirit continues to resonate with many people. Whether it is the smoky quality, the subtle notes, or something else, there are plenty of reasons to have a bottle or two on the shelf.

Which four distinctive mezcal bottles deserve a second pour?

Mezcal El Silencio

As one of the brands that was part of the mezcal boom, this offering is said to celebrate the “avante garde” Mexico. By focusing on the craft that goes into creating the spirit, the story is woven into the bottle. It might not be the first taste on the lips, but that art of mezcal brings people back.

With the El Silencio Espadin, the flavor notes have a slight earthiness. Even described as hearty, the spice notes linger in the background. While the spirit has a pronounced finish, it is intriguing and inviting. Mixed into a cocktail, it can be quite enjoyable.

Lobos 1707 Mezcal Artisanal

While the celebrity draw of this brand has many people opening a bottle, the connection to the past is a reason to dig a little deeper. From the roasting to the Egyptian stone mill, those special methods enhance the flavor. Although the warm spices might be a touch subtle, the overall drinking experience is robust and memorable. From the pepper notes that tickle the nose to the bold finish, this bottle is one to keep close by.

Mezcal UNIÓN

While many people appreciate the smoke notes that often are featured in a mezcal, the Mezcal UNIÓN has more of a crisp, clean finish. For drinkers who prefer this liquor in a cocktail, it is a refreshing choice. Consider transforming that classic cocktail with this approachable offering.


While a mezcal might have some general characteristics, Contraluz uses a different technique to increase the smoothness in each sip. Through a signature activated charcoal filtration process, the liquor is colorless yet still has the signature smokiness.

With the Contraluz, the brightness from the green agave, citrus and other fruits contrast the sweetness from the vanilla and cacao. It is equally enjoyable neat or mixed into a cocktail.

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