Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendars take the stress out of Thanksgiving

Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendar, photo provided by Butterball
Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendar, photo provided by Butterball /

As the countdown to Thanksgiving begins, home cooks might start to feel frazzled. Whether it is the first time cooking the bird or the seasoned turkey veteran, the food driven holiday does not come together the night before the feast. With the new Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendar, support is at everyone’s fingertips.

Over the years, the Butterball Turkey Talk Line has been the phone a friend in times of cooking confusion. While the person calling might be frazzled, the person on the line is the calming voice who can handle any situation. Although that helpful turkey expert might not be able to thaw a turkey more quickly, they can offer some solutions to get food on the table.

This year, a new Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendar offers 24 days of practical tips, some emotional support, and a word of comfort in a time of need. This calendar might be the must have accessory for the holiday season.

As Nicole Johnson, director and 22-year veteran of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line admitted, the holiday season can be stressful. “We’ve harnessed more than 40 years of Turkey Talk-Line expertise – the most common questions and sources of confusion as well as the angst that frequently accompanies them – to create this daily resource for often-overlooked holiday hosts. Particularly as they grapple with inflation and other concerns, it’s an honor to offer our time-tested technical advice, emotional support and even a little levity in this fun, new format this holiday season.”

Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendar for Thanksgiving
Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendar, photo provided by Butterball /

Looking this this countdown calendar, the idea is to appreciate the need for preparation. Even though grandma might have made the holiday table look effortless, it is more than just one day of effort. From understanding the correct portions to handling all the prep efficiently, all the components need to come together for a great holiday meal.

Even though everyone looks forward to the annual gathering, this holiday season will have a different look. Although the past couple of years have been fraught with smaller gatherings, distanced dinners, and other modifications, food cost can be a consideration this year.

Food costs continue to be a concern for most people. Even though no one wants the table to be empty, the dinner needs to be thoughtful. This year, the idea of maximizing leftovers could be a help to offset those food costs.

The Butterball Turkey Comfort Calendar will be available from October 24 through October 26 at ButterballComfortGiveaway.com. Limited quantities are available.

In addition, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line returns for its 41st year on November 1. While that phone a friend is available via various methods, Butterball will also take to Instagram to share some of these helpful and humorous moments to make the Thanksgiving season less stressful.

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