Which bakers made the Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 finale?

Halloween Baking Championship - Courtesy discovery
Halloween Baking Championship - Courtesy discovery /

Week after week, the elevator has taken numerous bakers to the 13th floor. As the Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 finale is set to air on Halloween, only four bakers will vie for the coveted Food Network title. Which baker fell just short of the finale?

When Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 began, 12 bakers hoped to survive the creepy challenges. While some Food Network fans might have preferred the kinder, gentler, less creepy treats from seasons’ past, these bakers have proven that gore and good can go hand in hand. Even if people cannot believe their eyes, they cannot look away.

Heading into Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 episode 7, the bakers have tackled upside down cakes, open wound cakes, and even a twisted edible maze. While each challenge tied back to the hotel theme, the visual seemed as important as the flavors.

While many favorite bakers were dismissed to the elevator of doom, a few lucky souls have been left standing. Going into the penultimate episode, Jill, Kristi, Zac, Lauren, and Blayre were still in the hunt. With two bakes between them and the finale, the pressure was more palatable than the eerie music in a horror movie.

What was The Thriller challenge on Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 episode 7?

With an advantage on the line, the Thriller for Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 episode 7 had the bakers inspired by some spooky cocktails. From the boozy Zombie to a Widow’s Kiss, these infamous cocktails’ flavors were infused into eclairs.

While all of these bakers should be able to make a superb pate a choux and accompanying filling, a few missteps were apparent. From a less than airy dough to some wonky décor, the eclairs might have seemed as if the bakers were imbibing in the kitchen.

At this point in the competition, the bakers cannot make little mistakes. From execution to décor, everything has to be on point.

The baker winning the Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 episode 7 Thriller was Lauren. Her lightning bolt décor and flavorful filling was applauded by the judges. Given that she had the booziest cocktail, it took a deft hand to create those balanced flavors. She received an advantage in the Chiller challenge.

Which baker was eliminated before the Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 finale?

For the Chiller Challenge, the bakers had to create three different sizes of mirror glaze entremets. The theme featured the bakers’ deepest fears. While these desserts are scary visually, it is the flavor and execution that set the desserts apart from each other. Although no one seemed to have an issue with perfecting that mirror glaze, a little twist mid-challenge seemed to derail a few bakers.

As the Thriller winner, Lauren was able to choose the mid-challenge twist ingredient, a selection of candies. While this twist was not necessarily too difficult, no one really wanted the candy-coated licorice.

Overall, the desserts were well done. Jill’s dessert of hazelnut sponge with chocolate, orange and passion fruit was a huge hit. Although she has a fear of sloths, the judges were quick to devour this entremet.

Lauren’s dessert was equally praised for her flavors and décor. The delicate décor revealed a luscious bite with the coffee, chocolate, and caramel combination. Carla Hall described as almost an adult peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

With Zac, he made a bold choice that could have sunk or swim. His decision to add some jalapeno to the apple flavors was well received by the judges. An unlikely turn reaped big rewards.

Kristi, who had the hardest twist of the licorice candy, stumbled. While some of her flavors worked, the textures were off. From the crumb on her cake to the candy, it needed another pass to perfect.

Lastly, Blayre took the judges to the depths of space. Although her shortbread cookie might not have been out of this world, she handled the coconut flavor deftly. It was far from tasting like suntan lotion.

In the end, one baker would come up short of the Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 finale. The baker eliminated was Kristi. She could not overcome the licorice twist.

Which baker will raise the Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 crown? Watch the finale on Food Network, October 31.

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