Josh Cellars toasts to the charitable spirit with Joshgiving

Josh Cellars Joshgiving celebration, photo provided by Josh Cellars
Josh Cellars Joshgiving celebration, photo provided by Josh Cellars /

On a shelf, the beautiful script name in the founder’s mother’s hand has become a Josh Cellars signature. While the celebrated wine brand has expanded beyond that initial varietal, the brand’s mission has never faded. A luscious wine that always invites a conversation around the table always looks to do more, do better, and give back. This holiday season, the notion of Joshgiving has everyone coming together in perfect harmony.

As the holiday season begins, many people take time to reflect. From a sense of gratitude for all that has happened over the past 365 days or a moment to consider how to adopt those lessons learned, a quiet moment spent in contemplation can be rejuvenating. As the glass of wine opens to release its beautiful aroma, the first sip can be the inspiration to take charge, start anew, and make a difference.

Josh Cellars, and its founder Joseph Carr, has long believed that a great bottle of wine is more than just the luscious libation to be enjoyed both in celebration and in quiet moments. While the care and craft in every vintage is always appreciated, the wine can do more than just offer enjoyment to the drinker. It can inspire a person to act.

This holiday season, Josh Cellars is encouraging everyone to join in a Joshgiving celebration. While the wine brand has long been a favorite choice for all the “Joshes” of the world, this moment to give back is inclusive of everyone, even if “J” is not in their name. The hope is that the sense of community can spark a conversation that lingers far after the wine bottle is finished.

As the wine brand’s founder, Joseph Carr said, “My dad embodied the spirit of Thanksgiving every day of the year. He believed fervently in the power of people banding together for a good cause. It will be inspiring to witness all of these acts of thanks come to life through Joshgiving. We hope this movement inspires a groundswell of goodwill this holiday season and beyond. I know my dad would be proud.”

How can people participate in Joshgiving by Josh Cellars?

Since Joshgiving is a play on the brand’s name, it partnered with a very famous Josh to sing the praises of community and charity. Josh Groban has joined the effort and the wine brand is going to donate $100,000 to Sing for Hope on his behalf. The non-profit organization showcases how the arts can make the world a better place.

As Groban said, “I believe strongly in the ability of music to uplift and bring joy to all people everywhere and I’m grateful to be able to give back this Thanksgiving in partnership with Sing for Hope, Josh Cellars and fellow Joshes across the country.”

During a media call, Groban mentioned that he had been given many a bottle of Josh Cellars wines because of the name connection. While he may not imbibe before a performance, he has opened a bottle after a successful night on stage.

While the name might be the easy connection, Carr and Groban bonded over their willingness to give back. Over the years, Carr has supported many organizations through his wine brand. Groban has a charitable organization that supports the arts. Both men embrace the idea of giving back in various ways.

Whether the pair might hum a tune from a favorite musical or recall a moment when a special bottle was opened with friends and family, those moments are at the heart of this Joshgiving campaign. Finding community, celebrating with others, and sharing a little kindness is the legacy that will be remembered for a long time.

From Josh to Joesphine to Jo and inclusive everyone and anyone, the holiday season is a time to share a little kindness with others. As the name Josh origin’s denotes, the way to deliver a little happiness this holiday season is to give back.

For anyone who wants to join in the holiday giving, they can tag #Joshgiving and Josh Cellars on Instagram. The wine brand will choose three tagged charities for a special donation. In addition, the company has pledged to donate $1 to American Humane’s Pups 4 Patriots program or every bottle sold through November (up to $25,000).

While everyone is giving thanks this holiday season, take a moment to share kindness. From a words to actions, that conscious decision to spread kindness can be the greatest gift to share.

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