Spooky themed wines are a hauntingly festive Halloween pour

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While Halloween cocktails might bring the smoke and mirrors to the glass, some spooky themed wines are equally festive. These suggestions from Vivino are five budget friendly wines all under $30. Which one will be opening to toast the witching hour?

Wine drinkers choose to open a bottle for many reasons. While pricey bottles might come with eloquent tasting notes, a reasonably priced bottle just needs to be enjoyed. From enjoying a glass with friends to sparking a conversation over the label, why not embrace the moment and have a little fun.

Some spooky themed wines recommended by the Vivino Community

Bogle: Phantom Wines

Many people know Bogle Wines. The reasonably priced wine is approachable. Its Phantom Wines fit into that ghostly theme for Halloween. Luckily, the wines flavors will not disappear into thin air.

The Phantom Wines Chardonnay has oaky notes that are apparent. Mixed with some tree fruit flavors, it works with a cheese board or even a simple pasta meal. A bottle retails around $16.

With the Phantom Wines Red Blend, the wine is more robust. While it has oak notes similar to the chardonnay, the earthy qualities are more apparent. With black fruits that linger, it is intriguing. A bottle usually retails for around $15.

Michael David Winery: Freakshow (Cabernet Sauvignon)

While a carnival sideshow might be full of oddities, Freakshow by Michael David Winery is a complex wine that will leave drinkers wanting more. While many people look at the label and try to figure out the intricacies within the image, the bottle is an approachable cabernet sauvignon.

Although there is a slight earthy quality, the black fruit makes it an easy pairing with a variety of food pairings, maybe even that funnel cake from the carnival. Bottles retail around $20.

Owen Roe: Sinister Hand (Red Blend)

Although the name might sound like a description from a horror movie plot, this wine is more delightful than frightful. A very easy-drinking wine, many a hand will grab the bottle for a pour.

With some red fruit notes, the red blend isn’t too jammy when the touch of oak adds balance. Although a bottle is a little more pricey at $29, the flavor will have many people grasping for more.

Spellbound Wines

With a variety of wines under this label, there are enough options to fill the cauldron. Priced around $13 a bottle, it might be best to have all the options, merlot, pinot noir, and petite sirah, around the table. Since spooky themed wines should not bring any toil and trouble, the Spellbound Wines are a great option.

Leelanau Cellars: Witches Brew (Red Blend)

While a witch might be able to conjure anything in her goblet, this red blend is waiting to be enjoyed. Consider using the Witches Brew in a sangria. A little spice and fruit can make for a perfect punch. Just remember to always look before you drink. Don’t fall for those inedible garnishes.

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What spooky themed wines are part of your Halloween parties? Do you have a bottle that captures the holiday spirit?