The most iconic dessert to have at the end of every meal

Vintage photograph of a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a bowl and saucer on a yellow mat in the 1950s. (Photo by Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images)
Vintage photograph of a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a bowl and saucer on a yellow mat in the 1950s. (Photo by Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Truth be told, every dessert is an iconic dessert in its right, each for its reasons. But let’s start by asking ourselves – should we even end every meal on a sweet note? I would say yes, of course, but it depends on how we define that sweet. Many might say that it’s not always a healthy notion to add extra calories to a satisfying meal. That being said, there are also studies showing that eating desserts at the end of a meal also aids digestion, by generating heat and also raises serotonin, thus making you calmer and happier. Now, don’t we all need that a little, especially at night, to get a good night’s snooze?

From a simple bar of chocolate to an elaborate sundae, the universe of desserts is extensive, exhaustive, and ever-expanding. But what’s the most iconic dessert? What’s that one thing everyone loves, universally, and has loved for centuries? It’s ice cream of course! For starters, it’s historical, more than anything, and has been a part of food history before any other popular sweet dishes that we know today.

Nostalgic Ice Cream
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The first ever closest to the modern ice-cream-like dish was invented in 618 CE in China during the Tang dynasty and was made with flour, buffalo milk, and camphor. Of course, that was a far cry from what we have as the frozen dessert today, which, on the other hand, became a commonly-produced thing in 19th-century America.

Why is ice cream an iconic dessert?

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Ice cream is perhaps unarguably the most consumed dessert around the world. It’s quick, convenient, and versatile. It comes ready to be served, so you can save time on making it, requires no prep time, and you can practically eat anything with it- fruits, granola, nuts, chocolates, cakes, pies, pastries, and even jellies. So, you could also say that in a way, ice creams are also a holistic dessert food, that you can enjoy as a base ingredient or a final dish. For instance, you can make ice cream floats with your favorite sodas, or cocktails, serve a scoop (or two or three) with pies and sponge cakes, or a dollop on a bowl of fruits; and for the eccentric ones (including yours truly), a bowlful with a side of French fries!

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Most importantly, ice-creams can easily be made with other alternative ingredients, other than traditional milk and cream. Many modern versions of this delightful frozen delicacy use soy milk, coconut milk, or nut milk like cashew or almond, and other plant-based ingredients. What’s more? Ice cream is also one of the few desserts with a longer shelf-life (sometimes you even forget it’s been lying in the freezer for months!). So, when you round up all the great features of ice cream, there’s no doubt that it’s indeed an iconic dessert that will definitely end your meals on a happy and hearty note.