Best plant-based ice cream that will have you asking for another scoop

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From the ice cream cone to the bowl, that craving for creamy deliciousness deserves to be satisfied. But, not all ice creams are the same. For frozen dessert fans who follow particular eating lifestyles, the freezer has a more robust selection. With the scoop in hand, which best plant-based ice cream deserves the first spoonful?

According to, the plant-based ice cream section could soar over $800 million by 2027. Whether made with almond, cashew, coconut, oat, soy, or other plant-based beverage, the reality is that creamy, tasty frozen desserts do not have to be just made with traditional dairy.

With so many options on the shelf, the question becomes which brand should make its way into the cart. Many well-known brands, like Jeni’s, Salt & Straw and varieties of others have plant-based options, other brands deserve their moment in the bowl, too.

Another well-known brand, KIND, is making it easy for people to try that first taste. While the brand won a People Magazine Food Award, there are some other people who need some convincing that plants are the ultimate sweet treat.

While the KIND Better Than Ice Cream Truck will be giving away free KIND Frozen Treat Bars, the local grocery store has a several options, too. For example, the KIND Frozen Pints feature flavors that are similar to the fruit and nut bars that people love. This option is a great extension of a product and of flavors that people love.

Nadamoo has become one of the best plant-based ice cream offerings. The family-run business has stayed true to its original beliefs that great ingredients and care ensure that each flavor delivers a class taste. Made with coconut milk, the frozen dessert has great variety. From traditional flavors to caramel cold brew and cookies, there is a pint for everyone.

Oatly offers a creamy, plant-based frozen dessert. With a lovely mouth feel, one of the flavors just makes people crave another pint. The Salted Caramel has a sweetness of the vanilla yet the richness of the salty and sweet. For anyone who likes oat milk, this frozen dessert is a great choice.

For a good for you frozen dessert, Wildgood uses a different ingredient as its frozen dessert base, extra virgin olive oil. This particular frozen dessert focuses on sustainable messages and keeps the calories in check.

The newest flavor in the brand’s line, Caramelized Fig, is a great example from this Greek artisanal ice cream maker. While some people might grab a pint because it has only 1g of saturated fat per serving, the flavor brings them back for more.

For a slightly different twist on plant-based ice cream offerings, Cosmic Bliss is an organic plant-based and grass-fed ice cream. With bold flavors like banana caramel flambe, sweet cherry amaretto, and chocolate hazelnut decadence, each spoonful is a decadent bite.

Lastly, Sacred Serve changes the conversation on dessert being a good choice all around. Using upcycled coconut meat, superfoods and even medicinal mushrooms, this creamy gelato could covet even the most skeptical plant-based ice cream person.

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What is your favorite plant-based ice cream? Do you prefer to try all types of ice cream?