Jeni’s Ice Cream is ready to celebrate ice cream for breakfast

Jeni’s Ice Cream Maple Soaked Pancakes celebrates Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, photo provided by Jeni's
Jeni’s Ice Cream Maple Soaked Pancakes celebrates Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, photo provided by Jeni's /

The phrase eat dessert first doesn’t have to apply just to the dinner hour. At Jeni’s Ice Cream, breakfast is the perfect time to start the day with a scoop of sweetness. Who doesn’t want to raise a spoon to that?

Mom might have said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but people can debate over what should and should not be on the table. While doughnuts and muffins might be standard fare, why can’t other sweeter food choices be on the talbe as well. Sometimes a day is a little brighter when it starts with some sweetness.

Jeni’s Ice Cream is celebrating the idea of ice cream for breakfast is a huge way this year. Hoping to set a World Record for the most people eating ice cream for breakfast on February 5, everyone can raise their spoons to having a little extra scoop to start the day.

While this special event might have many people screaming in delight, the concept is boosted with some tasty breakfast inspired flavors. Over the past several years, Jeni’s has introduced various flavors that have a nod to favorite breakfast foods. Who didn’t fall in love with that Skillet Cinnamon Roll flavor?

This year to build excitement for the potential World Record, Jeni’s introduced Maple Soaked Pancakes. For anyone who slathers that pancake in warm syrup and copious amounts of butter, this ice cream will have you flipping.

In some ways, the different flavors can make the perfect bite. A touch unctuous, a little toothsome and totally satisfying, this special flavor proves that breakfast food is not just a morning offering. It is time stack that tasty goodness all day long.

The limited-edition flavor is available now. Also, Jeni’s offered both a six and nine pint breakfast collection on its website. Other flavors included the breakfast collection included Wildberry Lavendar, Coffee with Cream and the new Maple Soaked Pancakes.

While this special Ice Cream for Breakfast promotion is a fun idea, there is more to be unpacked in a pint of Jeni’s Ice Cream than just a fun promotion. The craft and care that goes into both the flavor and the packaging is what makes the brand stand out.

From the moment the pint is opened, and the first aroma hits the scoop, the anticipating grows. It isn’t just note. It grows, builds, until that first bite is enjoyed. While most people might not think about all the little nuances in a scoop of ice cream, Jeni’s does. It is more than just any ingredient churned into a frozen consistency. The craft ensures that each pint is perfect.

That attention to detail is why the special flavors get people excited. Whether it is building on a favorite food memory or finding a creative flavor combination, the ice cream is far from boring. Even though people might think that vanilla is bland, Jeni’s proves that simplicity can be mastered in the most perfect way.

Just like the perfect scooping technique takes practice to master, a delicious ice cream is a celebration of the craft. Whether it is ice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner, that scoop should bring a smile not just for the indulgence but for its flavor.