KIND FROZEN Treat Bars are summer’s sweetest treats

New KIND FROZEN Treat Bars, photo provided by KIND
New KIND FROZEN Treat Bars, photo provided by KIND /

While many people might be screaming for ice cream, KIND Frozen Treat Bars are showing everyone that its plant-based food offering is the sweetest treat in the freezer. Ready to get your taste and make the switch to plants?

Plant-based food is more than a small niche or trend. Beyond flexitarian, healthy eating, lifestyle choices or another label, many people choose these options because the flavor satisfies. Sometimes it is about the ingredients, not the food label.

KIND appreciates that quality ingredients make for more flavorful food. Care and craft go into every offering. Whether it starts by supporting the bees who help pollinate the almond trees to wrappers that let consumers see the product, each component adds to the eating enjoyment.

With the KIND FROZEN Treat Bars, the non-dairy treat brings those favorite flavors to the freezer. The luscious, sweet treat satisfies with the flavors that people have come to love. From Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt & Nut or Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate & Nut, each bite feels decadent but doesn’t have a side of guilt.

This summer, a new flavor joins the line. The Mint Chocolate Almond & Nut offers a refreshing, bright taste on those warm summer days. When the sun is high in the sky, the mint is that burst of coolness that satisfies.

To celebrate the sweetness of summer, KIND is setting out on a National Tour. From May 25 – August 8, the brand will be visiting 10 markets across the country to give consumers a free taste of these delicious frozen treat bars.

This ice cream truck tour invites everyone into their plant-based oasis. Whether it is the first-time people enjoy this frozen treat or a reason to enjoy another one, the special stops will get everyone to appreciate that plants can make summer even sweeter.

And, for fans who cannot get enough of their plant-inspired treats, KIND is launching a new merchandise line. From the perfect tote to keep those frozen treats cold to a planter, the special offerings will be available online while supplies last.

Summer and fun always go hand in hand. Why not enjoy KIND FROZEN Treat Bars and plant the seed of sweetest that satisfies that craving.