HelloFresh transforms the Thanksgiving table with its Pass Master

HelloFresh Pass Master, photo provided by HelloFresh
HelloFresh Pass Master, photo provided by HelloFresh /

As the countdown to Thanksgiving begins, the annual feast comes with more than just the anticipation for a delectable meal. Mixed with that juicy turkey and favorite side dishes is another serving that might not be quite as appetizing. Wouldn’t it be nice to pass on that uncomfortable question or awkward conversation? With the HelloFresh Pass Master, it is easy to avoid that difficult conversation.

Holidays are often full of traditions. Many people crave those favorite family recipes that are only served during the season. Even though some people might leave with their stomachs full, another aspect to the gathering can leave them feeling a little empty.

According to HelloFresh, the 44% of respondents have concern that certain unwanted or uncomfortable subjects might be discussed around the table. Although many people subscribe to the idea of avoiding hot topics like politics or people’s dating life, Aunt Edna might not have that politically correct filter. HelloFresh found “nearly one-third of Americans would rather stay on hold for an hour with customer service or wait in line at the DMV for an hour than participate in these undesirable conversations.” Given that scenario, it seems having a simple, creative way to “pass” on these topics could make the holiday table more enjoyable.

What is the HelloFresh Pass Master?

For this holiday season, the HelloFresh Pass Master will be the table centerpiece that will have everyone talking, and not talking. The “conveyor belt” has conveniently located “pass buttons.” While this item will make getting a scoop of stuffing easy, it will also make avoiding that question about a current fashion choice a little easier.

HelloFresh Pass Master with Thanksgiving Dinner
HelloFresh Pass Master with Thanksgiving Meal Kit, photo provided by HelloFresh /

According to Kirsten Walpert, Vice President of Brand Marketing for HelloFresh, “When we learned that more than half of Americans have struggled with uncomfortable conversations over holiday dinners in the past, we knew we had to step in with an innovative solution. We hope The Pass Master, as well as our Thanksgiving Feast specialty box, will provide families with everything they need to celebrate a drama-free holiday with their loved ones while also supporting families in need.”

The HelloFresh Pass Master is available for online purchase via an auction. The event runs now through November 15 and proceeds from the winning bid will be donated to City Harvest, which helps to combat food insecurity.

More importantly, HelloFresh has downloadable Pass Cards that can be used at the holiday table. They might not be the traditional place cards, but they could make avoiding that question regarding student loans a little easier.

What Thanksgiving feast should be served with the HelloFresh Pass Master?

Since the Thanksgiving holiday can be slightly stressful for some home cooks, HelloFresh has simplified the process with its Thanksgiving Feast meal kits. The Turkey Box and the Tenderloin Box come with everything that the home cook needs to make a fantastic meal. From the main protein to all the favorite side dishes, there is even a dessert included, too.

As many people have learned, the HelloFresh meal kits are the helping hand that home cooks crave. From avoiding the long lines at the grocery store to simplifying meal prep, it can give anyone cooking confidence. Given all the other factors influencing a holiday meal, the HelloFresh meal kits is one that should not be passed over.

The HelloFresh Feast meal kits are available for order now. They feed between 4-10 people depending on the option and have a price range of $149.94-$189.90 depending on the choice. Orders will close on November 17 or while supplies last.

This Thanksgiving fill the table with flavorful food and pass on the difficult conversations. Food might be the great connector, but it does not have to make anyone uncomfortable.

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