National Stout Day is a reason to discover the beer’s flavor diversity

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Although some beer drinkers never need an excuse to crack open a cold one, National Stout Day could be the reason to put down the light lager and open a more robust offering. From well-known names to limited edition offerings, there are plenty of options to tempt that first sip.

While the dark color might have some beer drinkers assuming that taking a sip will feel heavy, cumbersome, or too substantial, stout is considered one of the most versatile beers. While IPAs can be very hop forward, a stout can be an easy, almost sessionable beer or can be a slow sipper that is meant to be savored.

Just like other flavor categories, beer brewers continue to explore the complexity that stouts offer. From barrel aging to coffees to even pastry, the style can adapt to a myriad of flavors. Those roasted malts can be sweet, savory, and almost everything in between.

5 beers to discover on National Stout Day


The iconic Irish beer has won over people with its flavor. While it made a campaign out of encouraging people to see beyond the dark color, Guinness does not shy away from stout’s versatility.

This year why not pour the Guinness Extra Stout and enjoy a recipe from celebrated chef, Chef Kwame Onwauchi. He has made Ribeye Suya Skewer recipe which is the perfect pairing for that Irish classic.

Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Stout

For 30 years, the limited release of Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Stout has beer drinkers going into a frenzy. Although the thirst for those special bottles is great, the craft brewed into each offering is exceptional. From bringing together American icons to pushing flavor boundaries, this annual offering shows why stout always needs to be part of the conversation.

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

While Dogfish head is never afraid to push the flavor envelope, its World Wide Stout packs a big punch. With an ABV over 15%, this beer is one to sip slowly, and probably not open another.

Although the lighter color might leave some drinkers a little off guard, the aromas rising from the sniffer are inviting. Consider pairing this stout with an end of the meal cheese plate to cap off an exceptional dinner.

Firestone Walker Nitro Stout Mocha Dolce

Looking to become earn its spot as a favorite winter beer, this offering from Firestone Walker has a touch of sweetness that seems to play into all those holiday cravings. The beer’s flavors come from whole roasted coffee beans, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs. The chocolately character is front and center but the smoothness dominates. Just like a great latte, it hits the right balance of flavor.

Stone Brewing Imperial Stout

This holiday season, Stone Brewing has brought back a fan favorite. Its Imperial Stout will be the final release in the 2022 Fan Favorite Series.

Weighing in at 10.5% ABV, it is nuanced but very complex. Although the color is jet black, the layers of flavor are revealed over time. Coffee, juniper berry, black currant and some sweetness from molasses make the next sip even more enjoyable than the first. Turn on that holiday movie and snuggle in for a great evening.

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These stouts are just a few of the many offerings on the shelf. Whether it is National Stout Day or just a moment to enjoy a great beer, pour a glass of stout. Do not let the dark color cloud your perception of this beer type.