Thanksgiving side dishes get a blended makeover thanks to nutribullet

Blended Thanksgiving side dishes from nutribullet
Blended Thanksgiving side dishes from nutribullet /

As the countdown to the Thanksgiving feast begins, home cooks are looking for ways to skip the cooking stress. With worries about rising food costs, difficult dinner conversations, or even finding a restaurant reservation, the reality is that it might be time to rethink the traditional holiday meal. The creative minds at nutribullet are whirling a new food conversation with blended Thanksgiving side dishes.

Although The Chew once had a food television segment on “can you blend it,” the concept of making delicious food in a blender hasn’t been canceled. In many ways, that blender might be one of the most useful kitchen essentials. Beyond the morning smoothie, that kitchen tool can be used for a wide array of recipes.

This year, nutribullet is suggesting making Thanksgiving side dish smoothies. Before everyone balks at this idea, there is some merit to reimagining those classic flavors. Sure, people can see a pumpkin pie smoothie, but a savory smoothie could be better than a dry turkey. Maybe people should give a little extra thanks for this culinary creativity.

According to John Olson, Brand Manager at nutribullet, “These recipes align wonderfully with nutribullet’s commitment to creativity, speed, and convenience. Somewhat unexpected, they taste awesome and genuinely evoke the feeling and flavor of an actual Thanksgiving feast. We love seeing our consumers get creative with how they use their blenders and hope these recipes encourage everyone to have a little extra fun this holiday season.”

Blended Thanksgiving side dishes from nutribullet
Blended Thanksgiving side dishes from nutribullet /

What are some suggested blended Thanksgiving side dishes from nutribullet?

In a recent announcement, nutribullet shared eight different blended Thanksgiving side dishes. Although some people might not be ready to push the button on some savory options, it could at least spark another conversation in the kitchen.

The eight recipes include: Green Bean Casserole Smoothie, Mac and Cheese Smoothie, Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Gravy Smoothie, Stuffing Smoothie, Cranberry Sauce Smoothie, Cornbread Smoothie, and Pumpkin Pie Smoothie.

Looking at these recipes, they might not be exactly what Uncle Al is expecting around the table, but there is something more to this concept. Why not use that nutribullet to help with Thanksgiving side dishes food prep. Granted, you might prefer stuffing with a little more texture, but making a sauce in a blender is a great idea. Or, why not crumb some of that bread for stuffing in a blender. It is definitely faster than cutting it by hand.

Many people will look at these blended Thanksgiving side dish recipes with a taste of unbelievability, but there is more to sip on with this food conversation. Finding multiple uses for a kitchen essential is key to an efficient kitchen. That nutribullet can be the holiday cooking workhouse.

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