Dunkin wraps up a new breakfast offering for the holidays

Bacon Pancake Wake Up Wrap and Hot Coffee, photo provided by Dunkin
Bacon Pancake Wake Up Wrap and Hot Coffee, photo provided by Dunkin /

While the presents might not necessarily be wrapped under the tree yet, the new Dunkin Pancake Wake-Up Wrap is the tasty food gift to kick off the holiday season. Whether paired with one of the new holiday lattes or enjoyed with another favorite beverage, it seems that Dunkin is ready to “sleigh” the season.

For the holiday season, Dunkin is bringing together favorite, classic flavors and some new offerings. Even though the end of the year might be full of favorite flavors and traditions, the reality is some people want a spark of something new. Those flavors add a little extra sparkle to the season.

According to Jill McVicar, Chief Marketing Officer at Dunkin, “We created our newest lineup with the holiday go-getters in mind – those that go the extra mile to make the holiday season bright for everyone else. We hope that both our classic and new menu items, like the Cookie Butter Cold Brew and Pancake Wake-Up Wrap, will excite Dunkin’ fans and power them to make the most of every minute this season.”

That idea of making the most of the season is clear with the new Dunkin Pancake Wake-Up Wrap. The portable, sweet, and savory offering is a great addition to the menu.

Described as a pillowy pancake filled with egg, melted cheese and a choice of sausage or bacon, it is the classic pancake breakfast that does not require a fork. Whether people choose a meat or meatless option, dip in syrup, or come up with another choice, the menu item seems to fit in with other easy to eat Dunkin choices. Many of the breakfast items are on the smaller, portable side. Whether enjoyed on the way to work, a quick bite before the kids’ sports game, or just anytime, this idea could quickly become a favorite.

Dunkin Holiday Menu 2022 includes Dunkin Pancake Wrap-Up
Toasted White Chocolate Signature Hot Latte and Cookie Butter Cold Brew with Cold Foam (rear); Holiday-themed, Branded Paper/Plastic CupsBacon Pancake Wake Up Wrap and Cookie Butter Donut, photo provided by Dunkin /

What other new menu items join the Dunkin Pancake Wake-Up Wrap?

Since the new Dunkin Pancake Wake-Up Wrap needs a satisfying beverage pairing, Dunkin has unveiled a new holiday coffee beverage to pair with its signature Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte and Toasted While Chocolate Signature Latte. The new holiday beverage, the Cookie Butter Cold Brew, brings flavors of brown sugar and baked cookie. Topped with a Cookie Butter Cold Foam, the flavors seem to mimic that fresh from the oven sweetness. Although it might not warm the hands, the flavors will be quite comforting.

It is interesting that Dunkin’s new holiday beverage is a cold brew. In some ways, this new offering captures the idea that coffee is an all day beverage. In addition, the warm, sweet flavors can satisfy that comforting feeling without having to be a warm beverage in the cup.

In addition, cookie butter is influencing other menu items, too. The new Cookie Butter Donut could satisfy that holiday baking craving without having to turn on the oven. The yeast donut is filled with a cookie butter crème filling. Combining that with a maple-flavored icing and a sprinkling of crushed cookies, it might even get Santa’s attention.

The Dunkin holiday menu is available now for a limited time. Whether guests get a new offering or a holiday favorite, it is time to spread some joy one cup at a time.

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