Olay creates the ultimate thirst trap to boost hydration

Olay Ultimate Thirst Trap, photo provided by Olay
Olay Ultimate Thirst Trap, photo provided by Olay /

For many people balanced living comes in many forms. While some prescribed to eating the rainbow and others focus on particular foods, one common concept connects them all, hydration. Beyond drinking a prescribed number of water or beverage glasses a day, the reality is that sufficient hydration is good for the body, mind, and soul. It might be time to rethink that concept of the ultimate thirst trap.

According to a recent survey from Olay, “Hydration is the number one skincare priority among consumers.” While that concept might be on many people’s minds, it needs to be easy to manage. That is where Olay is ready to step in to help.

Many people appreciate that having a favorite water bottle, tumbler, or other vessel in hand can help with hydration. Now, Olay is giving people a chance to get their hands on one of the most coveted tumblers. Partnering with Stanley, the makers of the viral Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler, this “ultimate thirst trap” can be a hydration saver.

For those unfamiliar, the Stanley has become the must have tumbler. Often selling out quickly, people gravitate to the offering not just for the design, the temperature control, or even the size. There have been waitlists of more than 50,000 and there have been more than 540 million monthly views on TikTok. It is the easy solution to help drink and drink some more. If hydration is a priority, this tumbler makes taking all those sips convenient.

Olay Ultimate Thirst Trap
Olay Ultimate Thirst Trap, photo provided by Olay /

As many people know, internet sensations can be a hot commodity. This holiday season, Olay is making it easier to put the ultimate thirst trap in people’s hands. During Cyber Monday, $100 or more purchases can qualify for the ultimate thirst trap kit. That kit includes: “purchased OLAY products, a limited-edition OLAY x Stanley Quencher and a hydration themed sticker packet, all inspired by the new OLAY Hyaluronic + Peptide24 Moisturizer.”

If you want this special offer under the tree, head over to Olay.com and get on the list. There are only 3,000 kits available. It could be the perfect holiday gift for someone in the know.

This holiday season do not let the hustle and bustle leave you feeling dry. It is time to hydrate, and Olay has the perfect solution.