Heineken becomes the naming sponsor the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Heineken announces naming sponsorship of Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix, photo provided by Heineken
Heineken announces naming sponsorship of Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix, photo provided by Heineken /

While the lights of the Las Vegas Strip sparkle across the sky, the actual street will be where all the action takes place during the most anticipated event of 2023. In a recent announcement, the upcoming Formula 1 event is now the Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix. It is time to toast the extraordinary both on the track and in the bottle.

Bringing Formula 1 to Las Vegas is a huge undertaking. While the popularity of the sport is growing within the U.S., finding the right locales to showcase the power and prestige of this racing style is key. Now that an event is coming to Las Vegas in 2023, the contrast between the power of the racing and the glitz of the Las Vegas strip will be quite engaging.

Ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix Launch Party, it was announced that the race will be the Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix. Given that the iconic beer brand has a strong connection to the Formula 1 racing world, it continues that collaboration in a substantial way.

As CEO of Heineken USA Maggie Timoney said, “The Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix is the perfect culmination of our successful global partnership with F1 that has brought groundbreaking events to the tracks of Austin and Miami in the US. We are so excited to pair the most anticipated F1 race with our most anticipated innovation – Heineken Silver. Next year will be an extraordinary event which we are so thrilled to be part of.”

While the naming is big news for racing fans, beer drinkers will be excited to get a sip of Heineken Silver. Considered one of the beer brand’s most anticipated innovations, many people are anxiously awaiting that first pour in 2023.

With anticipation growing for the Las Vegas F1 event, it will be interesting to see how the various resorts in and around the Strip incorporate this event into their experiences. Caesars Palace launch party, including a performance by The Killers, definitely sets the tone for the extravagance that this locale and event will hold. Seeing those race cars floating in the Garden of the Gods is sight that few people would have ever imagined.

More importantly, penthouse suites will be at a premium. Given that Caesars Palace has a luxurious offering that overlooks the Strip, those fortunate enough to have that view will be the envy of all.

For now, it is time to pour a cold Heineken, toast to the event, and make plans to head to Las Vegas for all the action.

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