General Mills Mini Cereals still bring big flavor

General Mills Mini Cereals, photo provided by General Mills
General Mills Mini Cereals, photo provided by General Mills /

While favorite cereals will always have a place in the bowl, sometimes a little twist can make that spoonful even more exciting. The new General Mills Mini Cereals prove that a smaller size might be cute but the flavors still deliver in a big way.

Over the years, General Mills has evolved favorite cereals in many ways. From seasonal flavors to promotional tie-ins, there have been plenty of ways to blend the familiar and the new.

The new General Mills Mini Cereals might have shrunk the individual pieces but do not diminish the flavor in each spoonful. As Mindy Murray, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager at General Mills said, “Sometimes the best new innovation is the smallest one. There’s such a love right now for full-size things that have been shrunk into mini versions, and we realized we could do the same with our cereals. We can’t wait for families to try the cutest new way to experience their favorites one BIG (little) bite at a time.”

General Mills Mini Cereals
General Mills Mini Cereals, photo provided by General Mills /

What are the General Mills Mini Cereals?

The new mini cereals include: Trix Minis, Reese’s Puffs Minis and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Minis. Each offering takes on the mini trend in a tasty way. It packs more pieces in a spoonful and adds some extra fun into eating another serving.

From the fruity flavor from the Trix to the warm, comforting notes from the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, it might be worth enjoying a second bowl.

Thinking about these Mini Cereals, they lend themselves to some culinary creativity. Why not fold a scoop into some yogurt or ice cream. In addition, they could make a great topping for a cake. It could be the more flavorful choice versus another handful of sprinkles.

While General Mills launched with these three flavors, the announcement alluded to the fact that more mini offerings could be coming in the future. Who would like some mini Coco Puffs?

The General Mills Mini Cereals are available at select retailers. The suggested retail price is $3.99 a box.