Southern Comfort makes a bold statement about Thanksgiving fashion

Southern Comfort Drinking Pants, photo provided by Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort Drinking Pants, photo provided by Southern Comfort /

While grandma might have strict standards when it comes to Thanksgiving table, the reality is some people want to be comfortable. Although no one should show up to any event dis-shelved, the reality is that formal wear has become far too stuffy. This year, Southern Comfort has a new take on Thanksgiving fashion, and it is definitely a shot in the right direction.

The Thanksgiving holiday has evolved over the years. Family is not necessarily just the people who come from one particular familial tree. Many people who gather around the table are the ones who they choose to be there. And, with that choice, the old school rules might be pushed aside.

Southern Comfort wants everyone to rethink that holiday wardrobe. It is time to make comfy and functional a priority. Enter the So Co Drinking Pants.

As Sara Saunders, vice president of global marketing for Sazerac, said “The pandemic changed nearly everything about daily life, including making comfy-casual attire not only acceptable – but tasteful. Southern Comfort wants to lead the way on tasteful choices so we conducted a host of detailed market research and that led us to an important conclusion: pants today are missing a few crucial elements that would improve lives everywhere, a key one being a shot glass pocket.”

The idea of a multifunctional pant is not necessarily new, but these Drinking Pants are not the “dad cargo shorts.” These special pants have a special SoCo shot glass pocket so that those thirsty moments can be quenched at any time.

Second, the pants are reversible. Whether the idea is to be a “little dressier” or making up for that errant spillage while drinking, it is like having two pants in one. Plus, the pants are stretchy to allow extra room to ensure that everyone feels good about that extra serving.

Since these pants are created for the shot glass, it starts the conversation about what should be served in that glass. Beyond a straight pour of a favorite Southern Comfort offering, why not add a little twist. That shot glass can be a small pour of the bacon Manhattan or even a southern campfire, which could have some people appreciating marshmallows in the Thanksgiving celebration.

The Southern Comfort Drinking Pants will be available for sale online starting November 14 at 8 a.m. EST. They cost $11.23, which references the date of Thanksgiving Eve this year.