When is the free Starbucks reusable red cup day 2022?

While the holiday beverages have been delighting guests and many people are cheering 25 years of the iconic red cup, there is one piece of information that remains a mystery. The free Starbucks reusable red cup day 2022 has yet to be announced. But, the countdown has begun.

As seen in a recent Starbucks tweet, the popular coffee brand announced that the free Starbucks reusable red cup day 2022 is coming. Starbucks commented that people should watch the app for more details. At the time of this publication, the app did not have any additional details.

Although the exact date is not clear, some people are anticipating that it will be November 17. Parade asserted that idea in a recent post where it cited another news article. Whether there is a lot of notice, a little notice, or none, there will be plenty of people running to get that free Starbucks reusable red cup.

Since a holiday beverage has to fill that red cup, this year’s offerings have been received well. Although some people yearn for the eggnog latte to return, the reality is that the classic Peppermint Mocha deserves its holiday hit status. There is something satisfying about sweet chocolate and refreshing mint.

Still, each of the holiday beverages bring those classic flavors, nostalgic flavors to the cup. From cookies to sweet notes, the new and old offerings satisfy all those cravings. Even if people choose to lighten up the holiday beverages with less syrup or omitting the whipped cream, it seems that people are saying yes to the cheer in the cup.

As everyone waits for the free Starbucks reusable red cup day 2022 to be revealed, the baristas are making holiday beverages every day of the week. Why not enjoy one and toast to a festive holiday season.