SPAM Figgy Pudding celebrates holiday traditions and recipe innovation

SPAM Figgy Pudding, photo provided by SPAM
SPAM Figgy Pudding, photo provided by SPAM /

From Christmas movies to holiday songs, the references to figgy pudding are many. While other holiday foods often fill the table, this traditional dish is often shrouded in a taste mystery. Although there are many traditional recipes, the reality is the few people have placed it front and center on the table. With the new SPAM Figgy Pudding, the iconic food brand is ready to blend holiday tradition and recipe innovation in a way that everyone will want to get a taste.

For some cooks, SPAM offers a plethora of recipe options. Although some people might not instantly grab that iconic blue tin, the reality is that SPAM can be used in savory, sweet, and a myriad of dishes. The idea is to see beyond just the can and welcome the flavor possibilities that it holds.

Periodically, the brand has offered limited, seasonal choices. Although some ideas have borrowed from food trends, this year’s holiday offering looks to bring a taste of nostalgia to the table. The idea of going way back to figgy pudding seems to say that holiday traditions cross cultures, generations, and customs. Even if people have never had that first taste, the reference is clear.

For the SPAM Figgy Pudding, the flavor highlights a variety of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves. Building on those warm, comforting flavors, fig and orange are added into the mix. It captures a taste of winter in every bite.

SPAM Figgy Pudding
SPAM Figgy Pudding, photo provided by SPAM /

As Steve Venenga, vice president of marketing for the SPAM Brand said, “This new flavor brings the spirit of the holidays in one can! It honors the traditional recipe, while making it easy and versatile to enjoy. SPAM Figgy Pudding represents how one dish creates new interpretations of traditions, each leaving their own mark, just as the SPAM Brand has done since 1937.”

To celebrate this new version of the popular holiday food, SPAM released this special video. It might be the holiday carol that everyone will be singing this season.

While many people will want to get maybe their first taste of figgy pudding, SPAM has a variety of recipe suggestions for the holiday offering. From a similar skewer to even a Dutch Baby, the warm spices invite a variety of recipe creations.

In addition, it could be the fun dish to surprise people at the holiday gathering. Why not create a special recipe using the SPAM Figgy Pudding and not tell guests the star ingredient, it could be the most talked about dish of the season.

SPAM Figgy Pudding will be available online at,, and A two-pack retails for $10. But, like previous special flavor releases, it is best to act quickly before it sells out.