Super 8 by Wyndham launches Scents of the Open Road

Scents of the Open Road, photo provided by Super 8 by Wyndham
Scents of the Open Road, photo provided by Super 8 by Wyndham /

As more and more people prepare to travel not only for the holiday season but beyond the trip to Grandma’s house, there are certain moments, visuals, and aromas that fill the travel experience. Putting aside the commentary on people’s unusual food choices on airplanes which can overpower the air for everyone, there are other welcoming, sentimental, and even enticing smells that capture the lure of travel. With the Scents of the Open Road by Super 8 by Wyndham, those flavorful food travel moments can fill any space with deliciousness.

Food candles are big business. While a few fragrances might be a little more curious than others, the reality is that aroma evokes an emotion, sparks a memory, or otherwise creates a reaction. Who hasn’t had a whiff of bacon sizzling on the stove and jumped out of bed? Or, what about the warm, comforting cinnamon that feels like a welcoming hug? When a candle can mimic those scents, it is a winner.

According to said Mike Mueller, President, brand operations, Super 8 by Wyndham “For nearly 50 years, Super 8 has served as a beloved roadside companion to some of the most passionate road warriors out there. When you travel you get a real sense of a place by taking in the smells around you so when we started to think about how to approach this candle collection, we tapped into our roots to create scents based on what we believe our guests truly love and long for. The spirit of the open road is not just an expression, it’s a feeling – one we’ve bottled up for guests to bring home and relive this holiday season.”

Super 8 by Wyndham food candles
Super 8 by Wyndham launches Scents of the Open Road, photo provided by Super 8 by Wyndham /

The new Scents of the Open Road by Super 8 by Wyndham captures eight particular scents that people know from their travel adventures. The scents are the following:

  • Snack Time – Smokey, savory beef jerky, the perfect road trip snack.
  • Pit Stop – Glorious gasoline, the fuel that keeps the journey going.
  • Roam Free – A windows down, spirit of the open road kind-of feeling.
  • Brain Freeze – Thirst-quenching cherry slushie, a truly sweet cup-holder treat.
  • Lite Bite – Waffles with syrup, because every great morning starts with a super breakfast.
  • Morning Jolt – Fresh ground coffee, for those get up and go kind of days.
  • Tucked In – Crisp, clean linen, essential for a super night’s sleep.
  • Fresh Feels – Fresh and reinvigorating, like a hot shower after a long day’s drive.

Looking at these particular scented candles, they run the gamut of travel scents and some favorite travel foods. Even that whiff of coffee could be the burst of energy that many people need on a busy day. The same can be said about then waffle offering. What stop at a hotel is not complete without the hot, fresh waffle at breakfast. It is the tasty way to start the day.

At the same time, some of the scents are a little more unusual. The frozen slushie inspired candle might be a game changer and influence other food brands.

With some of the aromas, the scents are a little more curious. There is always a place for a fresh, crisp scent like a warm shower, or that feeling of getting into a freshly made bed. But, the pit stop option might be one to re-gift to another person who likes a pungent aroma.

The Scents of the Open Road from Super 8 by Wyndham will be online available starting on December 1. They will be sold for $19.74, which is a reference to the year when the brand was founded.