Campbell’s Flavor Up can upgrade any stale holiday recipe

Campbell's Flavor Up, photo provided by Campbell's
Campbell's Flavor Up, photo provided by Campbell's /

While the classic family recipe might be flavored with nostalgia, sometimes that first bite is missing something. The flavor can taste fine but it could use just a little boost. With Campbell’s Flavor Up, any holiday recipe can get an instant upgrade.

Cooking during the holidays can be seasoned with stress. From the novice cook who is overwhelmed in the kitchen to the seasoned chef who craves a shortcut on the to-do list, everyone is looking for that secret ingredient which can simplify the whole process. Even though the spice cabinet holds a plethora of options, sometimes there needs to be one product that pulls it all together.

With Campbell’s Flavor Up, the concept is simple. It is a flavor concentrate. A single squeeze can add depth of flavor to a variety of dishes. Available in three flavors, Rich Garlic & Herb, Savory Mushroom & Herb, and Caramelized Onion & Burgundy Wine, the concentrated sauce is something that home cooks crave.

Campbell’s Flavor Up
Campbell’s Flavor Up, photo provided by Campbell’s /

Campbell’s has a variety of suggestions for its Flavor Up line. Since the ingredient can be used with proteins, vegetables and starches, there are both simple and elevated ways to use it. From a broccoli rabe and sausage dish to even a burger, there is a different use for every day of the week.

Thinking about holiday recipes, the Campbell’s Flavor Up can be a game changer for classic dishes. The easiest option is to enhance a store-bought gravy. The Savory Mushroom and Herb can make the jar feel more like a gravy that has been simmering on the stove. Or, the Rich Garlic and Herb can add nuance to those mashed potatoes.

Even more importantly, these flavor concentrates can give leftovers new life. For example, the Caramelized Onion and Burgundy Wine can be the base for a turkey sauce served over an orzo with leftover vegetables. Or, it can be a glaze to turn that turkey breast from dry to delicious.

As holiday shopping lists take shape, consider adding some Campbell’s Flavor Up to the list. It might be the home cook’s secret weapon for a delicious meal that everyone will love.