Frito-Lay uses its iconic snacks to solve a heated sports debate

Peyton Manning and David Beckham star in Frito-Lay’s new FIFA World Cup™ commercial, “Soccer or Football?”
Peyton Manning and David Beckham star in Frito-Lay’s new FIFA World Cup™ commercial, “Soccer or Football?” /

As the eyes of the world turn to the pitch, Frito-Lay looks to two sports legends to help solve an often-heated sports debate. With the help of Peyton Manning and David Beckham, it is time to put the soccer versus football commentary to the test. Even if a definitive answer is not settled, there are plenty of tasty snacks to enjoy along the way.

Food and sports are always a winning pair. Frito-Lay has been a mainstay on the gridiron and often featured from gameday Sunday to the Big Game at the end of the season. While American football might have loyal fans, it is only one segment of the sport market.

With the World Cup set to begin, the immense popularity of soccer is on display. In almost every corner of the globe, soccer captivates fans. From the iconic call of goal to the rousing cheers, the passion that soccer fans show is immense.

But, one debate continues to rage. Why is it football around the globe yet soccer in the U.S. As part of its World Cup campaign, Frito-Lay looks to two mega sports stars, Peyton Manning and David Beckham, to find a solution to this word debate.

As Brett O’Brien, chief marketing officer of Frito-Lay North America said,
“Frito-Lay is rooted in bringing real joy to our consumers, especially through our sports partnerships. As soccer grows in popularity across North America, we hope to make the tournament even more fun with the limited-time Lay’s globally inspired snacks and now our FIFA World Cup campaign. We are thrilled to collaborate with Michael Bay, David Beckham, Peyton Manning and this incredible group of sports icons to have some fun with this age-old debate and remind people to not forget the chips as they watch the FIFA World Cup.”

What Frito-Lay Snacks will David Beckham and Peyton Manning enjoy during the World Cup?

Recently, Frito-Lay added limited edition globally inspired flavors in honor of the FIFA World Cup. From the Latin American inspired Lay’s Adobadas to the bold flavor in the Lay’s Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper, these snacks will help celebrate a big win or keep the munchies in check during those nail-biting final moments.

While many people will want a taste of these limited-edition offerings, it is always interesting to see if some famous snack lovers enjoy the same flavors as everyone else. As part of the soccer versus football campaign, Frito-Lay has asked Peyton Manning and David Beckham to share their preferences.

For Manning, he said, “I’m a big-time chips and salsa guy, so I got to go with Tostitos chips. Give me some Tostitos and salsa and I’m good to go.” Hopefully, he keeps an eye on the prize and doesn’t spill during the big moment.

Beckham has a different preference. He said, “I’d say Doritos for me, personally. They’ve always been one of my favorites, but I’ve also been eating Lay’s, so they’re becoming a favorite too.”

Whether the Frito-Lay snacks are classic Lays, Doritos or one of the new World Cup inspired flavors, it is time stock the pantry ahead of all the action. And, whether it is called football, soccer or just the love of a great game, the pitch will be full of excitement.