Can you really put a turkey dinner in your carry-on?

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)
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As holiday travel begins, the crowded planes, long lines, and unpredictable weather can dampen that merriment. Since food can make people happy, many people look to pack a snack or two while traveling. But, there are rules about what can and cannot be brought on board. If you really want to bring home some of mom’s leftovers, can you really put a turkey dinner in your carry-on?

When people travel, they know about emptying pockets and certain prohibited items. Who hasn’t had to ditch that water bottle before going through the TSA line. Add to that list the 3.4 liquid ounce rule, many people wonder if the only food that can be carried on board is the choices offered closer to the gate.

Recently, Anton Radchenko, founder of AirAdvisor shared some insight regarding bringing Thanksgiving leftovers and a variety of other foods in that carry-on bag. Specifically, it was said the TSA allows solid foods in a carry-on bag.

From a whole turkey to just a turkey leg, it can be brought on board. Kudos to a person who wants to bring a whole turkey in their backpack, but there is not rule against. But, it will have be available for inspection. So, use care when packing that dinner plate.

On the other hand, liquids which are more than 3.4 oz need to go in the checked baggage or be left behind. Sorry, but that jar of mom’s gravy is still a liquid. The same can be said about that cranberry sauce.

For people who cannot resist bringing home a taste of mom’s Thanksgiving dinner or maybe the vegan who wants to ensure that there is something other than a piece of celery to enjoy at the table, all types of food can be stuffed into that carry-on.

Just use care when packing. Similar to how other passengers may not appreciate that stinky cheese as a snack, they may not want any messy food getting on their bag or person. Being considerate of other travelers is the best holiday gift anyone can give or get.