What is the most popular pie ingredient?

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From Thanksgiving through the end of the year, holiday baking fills the kitchen with the most delicious aromas. Whether it is that traditional recipe that flavors the family table to a new food trend that has to be tasted, the oven is working overtime during the end of the year. With all the focus on baking and desserts, it has some people hungry to know what is the most popular pie ingredient.

Food debates can often get heated. Many people are fiercely loyal to a particular food. When it comes to holiday pies, the battle lines are often clearly drawn. It is more than just enjoying that quad sheet pan offering to appease everyone at the table. Some people might leave their chair if their favorite pie is not served for dessert.

Recently, Pinterest found that searches for holiday pie recipes rose 70% compared to the previous year. Whether it is people wanting to bake, the more robust holiday celebrations, or just craving desserts, people are hungry for pie.

At the same time, not all pies are equal. Putting aside any baking errors like that dreaded soggy bottom, the reality is the filling makes or breaks a pie. Assuming that all cooking techniques and flavors are on point, what is the most popular pie ingredient.

According to Pinterest, the most popular pie ingredient is apple. From searches for Dutch Apple Pie Recipe to apple pie filling, those searches have more than doubled. It appears that the all-American, classic apple pie might be winning the holiday dessert table.

A tasty hack to using the most popular pie ingredient

Since it appears that many people are craving apple pie, it might be a good idea to think about how to maximize the flavor in that ingredient. Earlier this year, Sherry Yard presented an apple dessert at the Kohler Food and Wine Festival. While this dessert was not an apple pie, the celebrated pastry chef did share some tasty hacks to ensure any apple dessert is on point.

Using the right apples is paramount. From a tart green apple to a sweeter gala variety, the apple choice does matter. Chef Yard sometimes likes to combine different apples for a more robust flavor. Even if some people use apple pie filling, boosting that ingredient with fresh apples can enhance the flavor.

Also, it is important to watch the texture and water content with apples. As seen in baking competitions, under cooked apples do not have a pleasant texture in a pie. In addition, too much moisture can ruin the overall composition of a pie.

While it appears that everyone is searching for the perfect apple pie this holiday season, just make sure that the flavor is the best it can be. As Thoreau once said, the apple is the most noble fruit, but it also seems to be the most popular fruit for holiday pies.