McCormick The Ten inspires flavorful season’s eating

McCormick The Ten, photo provided by McCormick
McCormick The Ten, photo provided by McCormick /

Even if the spice rack might seem full, there are certain spices that lend themselves to being used over and over. It is more than just another sprinkle of salt and pepper to finish a dish. Those layers of flavor ensure that each and ever bite is a memorable one. McCormick The Ten curates essential ingredients that will inspire flavorful cooking both during the holidays and beyond.

Compromised of the ten most essential ingredients, basil leaves, chili powder, cinnamon, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, paprika, parsley flakes, and crushed red pepper, the kit is both a starting place for novice cooks and a restock for the experienced cook.

With a unique numbering system is easy to understand and use. More importantly, the organization aspect ensures that the paprika doesn’t go missing behind that bottle of cumin. No one like to hunt for spices when recipe inspiration strikes.

As Nikki French, Group VP of Marketing, NA Consumer Products Division for McCormick. “With the introduction of The TEN, we have combined the two – packaging the gift of flavor for many meals to come. Generations of families have incorporated McCormick spices into their cherished holiday recipes and memories. We are thrilled to be part of many special moments in the past, present and future.”

In addition, the spices kit comes with exclusive recipes. While some offerings are unique for the holiday season, it is not just a celebration of comfort food and warm flavors. The idea is to get all cooks behind the stove not just for one month but for every week of the new year.

McCormick The Ten Veggie Bacon Quiche
Veggie Bacon Quiche, photo provided by McCormick /

Ready to make a Veggie Bacon Quiche with McCormick The Ten?

As part of the launch of the new McCormick The Ten, the brand partnered with Keke Palmer. Sharing a “gift of flavor,” this recipe is perfect for a weekend brunch, simple lunch or even a lighter dinner.

Palmer said, “Some of my favorite memories have been centered around gathering around the table with my family for flavorful, holiday meals. Whether I’m preparing the meal or simply enjoying it, I always look forward to spending quality time together through annual traditions and in creating new ones.”

This Veggie Bacon Quiche recipe showcases how layered flavor makes for a composed bite. Using several spices from The Ten, it is a well seasoned dish. Even though the bacon adds that unctuous note, the asparagus and peppers add texture to the dish. And, since the recipe uses a pre-made pie crust, it is relatively simple to make.

Also, the recipe can employ substitutes for milk, egg and cheese. Inclusive recipes are vital to ensure that everyone around the table is satisfied.

This holiday season, give the gift of flavor. McCormick The Ten retails for $34.99 online. It might be the gift that keeps on giving long into the New Year.