Instacart Community Carts making filling food bank pantries easier

(Photo by Paul Hennessy/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
(Photo by Paul Hennessy/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

While Giving Tuesday might put the needs of others front and center, the holiday season is a time to be present beyond just one day. With the new Instacart Community Carts, donating to local food banks is easy. The gift of helping to fight food insecurity might be the most meaningful purchase this holiday season.

From the ringing bell as people exit the store to the gift tag hung on a tree, many people are willing to do for others during the holiday season. Over the past several years, the struggle to find joy has become more apparent. Sometimes the simple gesture to put others first can capture the spirit of the season.

As the news cycle says over and over, food costs continue to rise which impacts many people. When the paycheck does not stretch far enough to cover all those expenses, the reality is that food insecurity impacts many tables. The face of this struggle might be a familiar one.

Although some people may want to help the cause, it can be difficult to find the best way to fill the food bank shelves. Unlike the weekly grocery list, those charitable organizations have not had a shoppable list that makes it easy for people to donate. Now, with Instacart Community Carts, people just have to push a button.

With Instacart Community Carts, it is a simple concept to help fight nutrition insecurity. By using its technology and platform for community empowerment, it makes a measurable impact one purchase at a time.

As Asha Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Instacart said, “We know that many people want to give food during the holidays, but may not know what their local food bank needs or how to get it to them. With the launch of Community Carts, we’re making it possible for millions of people to make food donations this holiday season with just a few taps, taking the guesswork out of how, what and where to donate. Through Community Carts, together we can make an outsized impact in communities nationwide facing hunger.”

To participate in the Community Carts initiative, shoppers simply click on the banner and make a purchase. Instacart users can buy a few items or the whole list. The items are the ones most needed by the local community organization. After the purchase, the groceries will be delivered directly to the food bank.

The Instacart Community Carts program is available now through December 31. For people who want to feel like they are directly giving to a specific need, this program is the simple solution. Whether it is one can or filling the entire shelf, every act of kindness can feed a change for the better.