Olivia Culpo praises the recipe versatility of this pantry staple

Olivia Culpo for Rao's Homemade sauces, photo provided by Rao's, photo credit Lucio Andreozzi
Olivia Culpo for Rao's Homemade sauces, photo provided by Rao's, photo credit Lucio Andreozzi /

From her social media accounts to her new TLC reality television show, Olivia Culpo dazzles in almost any moment. While she has shown her poise throughout her career, some people might be unaware that the former Miss Universe has grown up in and around the restaurant industry. Even though she might not be standing behind the pass in one of her family’s restaurants, she knows her way around the kitchen. In her home, this pantry staple, Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce, is the secret to some of her tastiest recipes.

During a recent conversation with Culpo, she spoke to FoodSided about some of her favorite foods and the dishes that she craves during the winter months. Even though the end of the year might be time where she tries to slow down and connect with family, those moments are often centered around a meal.

Specifically, Culpo said, for her family, “the most quality time we have with one another is in the kitchen, it’s cooking together and eating together.” As she shared, those moments have been a huge part of her family’s traditions and a way for them to show their love for one another.

While everyone has their favorite dish, Culpo shared that many of the dishes would feature a red sauce. From a simple pasta to a robust chicken parmesan, the red sauce was a key ingredient. Whether the dish is traditional or a riff on a classic, the flavor needs to deliver in a big way.

Even though that red sauce is a unifier, not all red sauces are the same. Although nothing will truly replace grandma’s recipe, that slow cooking, day long process is not always possible. At the same time, Culpo appreciates that she premium ingredients are a priority in her world. The jar might be a shortcut, but she does not want the red sauce to be a compromise.

For Olivia Culpo, Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce is her pantry staple. Specifically, she described the red sauce as “the close red sauce that you can get to your grandmother’s homemade.” From the premium ingredients to the fresh taste, it has everything that home cooks want with added convenience.

Since Culpo leans into balanced lifestyle choices, she mentioned how some of her favorite recipes have familiar flavors yet take a slightly different approach. For example, she shared a recipe for her Olivia Culpo’s Chicken Parm Air Fryer Sliders. Available on the Rao’s Blog, the recipe is simple, straightforward, and a crowd pleaser.

The air fryer swap keeps the crisp texture that is imperative for a great chicken parmesan, but it makes it a little better for you choice. The key to any recipe is that it needs to satisfy even if there is a modification or two. Using that traditional Rao’s red sauce ensures that the familiar flavor comes through in every bite.

While this Chicken Parm Air Fryer Sliders might be a family and game day favorite in Culpo’s house, it isn’t the only recipe that home cooks can use with the versatile pantry staple. Given that Rao’s sauces taste homemade, it gives home cooks the freedom to be bolder with other choices. Knowing that the base will be flavorful, there is a confidence that grows with each dish made.

From Sunday suppers to a quick meal, turn to Olvia Culpo’s pantry staple and give any red sauce recipe an upgrade. When the pantry has a jar of Rao’s Homemade waiting to be used, anything that incorporates it will be delicious.