Chick-fil-A drops a whole new holiday treat and fans cheer

Chick-fil-A drops a special offering for the holidays, photo provided by Chick-fil-A
Chick-fil-A drops a special offering for the holidays, photo provided by Chick-fil-A /

While many people have enjoyed that first taste of the Peppermint Chip shake, it isn’t the only holiday treat that the favorite quick service restaurant is offering this year. The Chick-fil-A Originals is the brand’s first ever merchandise collection. It will be fans’ pleasure to make that purchase.

Food fashion has become a huge trend. While there have been many a t-shirt or hat over the years, it is more than just one or two items. Brands are filling the closet with choices. From the coziest blanket for that easy night at home to a favorite mug to start the day, almost anything can be transformed into an expression of fandom.

Chick-fil-A originals
Chick-fil-A adds new Chick-fil-A Originals line for the holidays, photo provided by Chick-fil-A /

The new Chick-fil-A Originals is available online and is expected to be sold out quickly. The line includes clothing and accessories. While some people might choose based on style, others will pick an item based on the phrasing. From shouting the love of waffle fries to the classic Eat More Chikin, there is a choice that will bring a smile to those fans.

One item to note is that many of the phrases focus on positivity. Whether it is the idea of being number one or being proud to be original, these sentiments seem to fall in line with the Chick-fil-A mindset. Even if people just love that signature sauce or thirst for lemonade, the service with a smile is never far from the conversation. Whether people agree or disagree with some of the beliefs, everyone can appreciate that a positive, today is good idea I one that can be beneficial for all people.

The Chick-fil-A Originals line is available online while supplies last. Prices for each item will vary. And, each offering has been given a hooves up by those cows.