Chipotle Mystery Boxes unwrap all the holiday cheer

Chipotle Mystery Boxes for the holidays, photo provided by Chipotle
Chipotle Mystery Boxes for the holidays, photo provided by Chipotle /

While wrapping the perfect burrito is a skilled art, the Chipotle Mystery Boxes have many people counting down the hours to unwrapping their special holiday present. Starting on December 1, these holiday mystery boxes will feature a variety of surprises. Which Chipotle Goods merchandise will be waiting under the tree?

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be difficult. While some people appreciate the gift card option, others want a little more to unwrap under the tree. When people constantly crave that bowl or burrito, they want to shout that love of food loudly.

Over the years, the Chipotle Goods merchandise has captured that fascination with all things Chipotle. While the avocado dyed clothing and unique sayings might connect super fans, it was the Cilantro Soap that had many people doing a double take. The divisive herb can make even the best of friends not agree.

This year, Chipotle Goods is dropping Chipotle Mystery Boxes on December 1. Starting at 9 a.m. PT, the special offering will feature some limited-edition options. The Mystery Boxes are available in small and large (prices $30 and $50 respectively). The boxes vary with three to five items in the small and four to eight items in the large.

Chipotle Mystery Boxes drop
Chipotle drops Mystery Boxes, photo provided by Chipotle /

Although complete details the items carefully wrapped in that Chipotle foil will not be revealed until it is unwrapped some items could be the infamous Cilantro Soup, stainless steel $500 Chipotle gifts and more.

To place an order, head to This special offering will be available while supplies last, and will disappear within the first 48 hours. According to Chipotle, “100% of profits from Chipotle Goods go to support organizations that are making apparel and farming more sustainable. ”

This year, unwrap something special this holiday season. Maybe next year, there will be a cilantro candle to go along with that special soap.