ALDI shares the gnome love with a huge holiday giveaway

ALDI gnome holiday giveaway, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI gnome holiday giveaway, photo provided by ALDI /

While the weekly ALDI Finds have people filling their carts with the latest and greatest items, the holidays at ALDI has the shelves overflowing with seasonal offerings. Whether it is a sweet treat or a family feast, shoppers appreciate the food and savings around every corner. This holiday season, ALDI will be sharing a little more cheer with a huge holiday giveaway.

This year, ALDI is offering 1,199 limited edition holiday products. While everyone knows about the Advent calendars, cheeses, and a variety of other options, the breadth and depth of products on the shelves is tremendous. From a simple celebration to the overflowing celebratory table, the popular store has become many people’s one stop shop location.

To celebrate these holiday products, ALDI is relying on its iconic gnomes to spread a little extra cheer. While those cheeky gnomes might be an ALDI thing, the reality is that the signature characters make everyone smile. Unlike those mischievous elves, these festive friends may not cause havoc in the kitchen.

As part of the holiday celebration, the ALDI gnomes will “sneak” 1,199 gift cards into select curbside grocery orders. The special giveaway will happen at select ALDI stores across the nation.

To be clear, the giveaway is random, and it is only available via Curbside Grocery Pickup. The gift cards are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Although some people might want to roam the aisles to see all the greatness on the shelves, there is a benefit to Curbside Grocery Pickup. From the time saving convenience to keeping that grocery list (and bill) in check, it can be the biggest holiday hack that is easily employed.

And, if a gnome doesn’t bring you a little holiday giveaway this year, do not fret. Why not use this concept as an idea to sneak a little surprise into someone else’s day. Why not buy an extra cheese, chocolate or other item and randomly gift it to a friend, neighbor or just someone who needs a little extra holiday cheer. That might be a new definition of “It’s an ALDI thing” for the holidays.