MTN DEW Fruit Quake and Collin Street Bakery make fruitcake cool again

MTN DEW Fruit Quake and Collin Street Bakery collaboration, photo provided by MTN DEW
MTN DEW Fruit Quake and Collin Street Bakery collaboration, photo provided by MTN DEW /

When the Dew Nation hears that a new beverage is coming to the shelf, the excitement builds. As the holiday season takes over, the conversation shifts to warm, comforting, classic holiday treats. This year, MTN DEW Fruit Quake takes inspiration from Collin Street Bakery, and fruitcake becomes the holiday must have.

MTN DEW and fruitcake have come together before. Years ago, the brand offered a special fruitcake. There was a special recipe using the MTN DEW Red. But, these offerings did not transform the beverage in the bottle.

Last year, the Dew Nation marveled at the gingerbread inspired beverage. The Gingerbread Snap’d might have brought a little spicy jolliness to the holiday celebration. But, that gingerbread inspired flavor might not be quite as controversial as fruitcake.

For those unfamiliar, Collin Street Bakery is the iconic Texas bakery that is known for making the must have fruitcake. The subject of an interesting discovery+ documentary, even people who would never try a slice of this holiday treat have happily enjoyed this particular dessert. It is a flavor that has to be tasted at least once.

As MTN DEW said, “We’re making fruitcake cool again by merging the iconic citrus flavor of Mtn Dew with a blast of the fruity taste of the holidays. Fruitcake has long been known as the holiday dessert no one actually wants to touch, let alone eat. Mtn Dew is changing that. We’re making everyone’s holiday dreams come true by swapping the dated dessert with a tastier treat.”

MTN Dew Fruit Cake holiday beverage
MTN DEW Fruit Cake, photo provided by MTN DEW /

This holiday season is the MTN DEW Fruit Quake is a must try. It might not be the beverage left for Santa, but it will bring some extra cheer to the holiday season. Whether or not that holiday sip is paired with a slice of fruitcake is up to you.

Although it is hard to predict the next MTN DEW beverage, this idea might lead some people to believe that another food mash-up could be on the horizon. Who didn’t love the Flamin’ Hot MTN DEW. Could there be another Frito-Lay snack collaboration in the future? Only time will tell.

What do you think of the MTN DEW Fruit Quake? Could it make you fall in love with the holiday’s most controversial dessert?