Subway adds a special one day only footlong that no one ever imagined

Subway National Cookie Day promotion, Subway Footlong Cookie, photo provided by Subway
Subway National Cookie Day promotion, Subway Footlong Cookie, photo provided by Subway /

Over the past year, Subway has evolved its menu. From adding new subs to celebrating old favorites, the quick service restaurant appreciates that saying fresh is key to keeping guests engaged. Ahead of National Cookie Day, the special one day offering has everyone talking. Could the Subway footlong cookie be the tastiest treat on December 4?

According to Subway, the brand is “sells more freshly-baked cookies than any other restaurant company in the United States.” While that superlative might give some people pause, the reality is that a freshly baked cookie is always a tasty, sweet ending to a meal. Yes, a chocolate chip cookie can be that simply good.

As holiday baking begins to take shape, December 4, National Cookie Day, is a reason to indulge. While people can debate favorite or best cookies, the reality is that few people would ever turn down a treat on a national food holiday. But, some brands look to make a grand impression for that celebration.

This year, Subway is going bigger for its promotion. The Subway footlong cookie is the most over the top offering that everyone will want to try.

Available exclusively at Cookieway, the brand’s pop-up restaurant, the Subway footlong cookie will be available in four flavors, Subway Cookie Club, MexiCali, Monster, and Great Pickle.

Subway Footlong Cookie
Subway National Cookie Day promotion, Subway Footlong Cookie, photo provided by Subway /

As Paul Fabre, senior vice president, Culinary and Innovation at Subway said, “Bringing together two of Subway’s most iconic menu items — footlong subs and Subway cookies – was the only way we could top our celebration of National Cookie Day last year when we opened the first Cookieway. We wanted to give Subway fans even more cookie to love, with flavors and ingredients that are just as craveable as the sandwiches they’re inspired by.”

Looking at these four offerings, the most approachable options are the Subway Cookie Club and the Monster. The over the top creations combine sweet, salty, and crunchy. It is definitely a dessert to share with friends.

The MexiCali is creative without stepping too far outside of people’s comfort zones. The combination of spicy and sweet, through the mole, Tajin, dulce de leche and white chocolate sauce, is a delightfully creative balance of flavors. This cookie could influence some other creative dessert options.

Lastly, the Great Pickle will have people talking. It is a version of savory and sweet. Although few people have ever put pickles on a dessert, it is a unique combination that will have people craving a bite just because. Even if that bite is just a dare, this cookie dessert will have everyone talking.

The Subway footlong cookie promotion will be available only at Cookieway. The pop-up restaurant is located at 1575 SW 8th Street in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. It will be open from 1-5 p.m. on December 4.

Are you hungry for the first bite of a Subway footlong cookie? Would you love to see some of these special cookies on the regular Subway menu?