KFC Sharemobile shows how food brings families together during the holidays

KFC Sharemobile heads out for the holidays, photo provided by KFC
KFC Sharemobile heads out for the holidays, photo provided by KFC /

From the large family feast to the simple weeknight dinner, food brings people together. While the holiday season is often seasoned with special gatherings, the gesture does not have to be grand. As the KFC Sharemobile takes to the road, the happiness that a family meal can bring is the holiday cheer that many people need.

KFC and the holidays go hand in hand. While the special holiday themed buckets might have become a tradition on the table, the iconic 11 herbs and spices flavor many a memory. From that quick bite after all the holiday shopping or a Sunday dinner amongst the chaos, that fried chicken brings smiles all around.

During the holiday season, many people and companies look to give back. While some gestures might be grand, others are simple, straightforward. With the KFC Sharemobile, the concept is clear, provide free meals to communities that could use a little extra holiday cheer.

As Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S said, “Sharing a meal with family or friends is a special part of the holidays. Alongside our franchisees, we wanted to make that possible for even more families this holiday season. Together with Blessings in a Backpack, we’re taking the Sharemobile on the road to do just that!”

This year, the KFC Sharemobile will arrive in three cities starting on December 5. The cities are Chicago, Orlando, and Houston. Each city was chosen based on need. From Chicago’s struggles with food insecurity to Orlando’s hurricane impacted communities, these areas are in need of some uplifting moments.

Throughout the holiday season, the goal is to provide 70,000 meals to those in need. In addition to the food, select families and schools will be surprised with special holiday gifts. The idea is to bring a little extra holiday magic to a year that has seen less than its share of happy moments.

The KFC Sharemobile is in partnership with Blessings in a Backpack. This charitable organization helps to support school aged children. A $150 donation will feed a child for 38 weekends of the school year.

This holiday season consider a gesture of goodwill. From sharing a meal with a friend to helping those in need, sometimes the best gift is one that gives another person the stronger footing to move forward.