Big 10 Championship menu revealed: Prepare for the battle of the burgers

Big 10 Championship menu 2022, photo provided by Sodexo Live
Big 10 Championship menu 2022, photo provided by Sodexo Live /

As University of Michigan prepares to battle Purdue University, the Big 10 Championship menu pits one tempting burger against another. Will the best burger match the outcome of the big game?

After last week’s The Game where Michigan took down Ohio State, the Wolverines look to go undefeated for the season. With Purdue standing in their way, the Big 10 Championship game will be a fierce battle.

As fans descend on Lucas Oil Stadium, the hunger for not only a great game but also for memorable food grows. Luckily, the Sodexo Live chefs have been busy in the kitchen and have created two memorable burgers.

According to Lauren Fitzmorris, Sodexo Live! General Manager at Lucas Oil Stadium, “With each marquee matchup that comes to this venue, we always look to step it up with creative, team-inspired menu items. What better way to welcome Boilermaker and Wolverine fans than with these fun, next-level creations.”

The two specialty burgers on the Big 10 Championship menu are Boilermaker Griddle and Wolverine Burger. The names clearly denote which team it supports.

The Wolverine Burger combines two beef patties, cheddar cheese, coney chill, diced onions, tomatoes and banana peppers on a maize mustard brioche bun. While the coloring of the bun seems to be intentional, the additional flavor it offers could be a game changer. Finding creative ways to boost flavor is a food trend that more stadium chefs should employ.

The Boilermaker Griddle is a hearty burger. In between two charbroiled burgers is a fried pork tenderloin. Topped with dill ranch slaw, the flavor is robust but the acid from the slaw helps to cut through the richness.

Although most people will choose based on their team loyalty, the Boilermaker Griddle might win on flavor. If that burger came with a flavored bun, it would clearly have an unbeatable advantage.

In addition to the Lucas Oil Stadium offerings, the Fan Fest at the Indiana Convention Center is offering two specialty food choices. They are Boilermaker Pork Belly Bowl and Wolverine Dog.

The Boilermaker Pork Belly Bowl tops creamy house-made mac and cheese with candied pork belly. The combination of sweet and rich is over the top. Maybe a splash of hot sauce could round out the robust flavors.

The Wolverine Dog is a riff on an Italian sausage sandwich. With traditional onions, peppers, and a house-made red sauce, it is a good tailgating food that has a wide appeal.

As the post-season begins to take shape, it will be interesting to see how the Sodexo Live chefs push their creativity at the various stadiums across the country. While there will be a nod to the competing teams, there might be some food trends woven into the choices.

For now, only one team will be crowned the Big 10 Champion. Will the same result be seen at the concession stand? Only time will tell.