Mary Berry convinces Rylan to learn to love this vegetable, exclusive clip

Mary Berry and Rylan on Mary Berry's Ultimate Christmas, photo provided by PBS
Mary Berry and Rylan on Mary Berry's Ultimate Christmas, photo provided by PBS /

As PBS is set to air Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas, everyone is excited to see her welcoming and delicious dishes that she is set to put on the holiday table. With the help of many friends, the beloved Mary Berry will serve a festive three-course holiday dinner. While the feast blends traditional and innovative ideas, TV host Rylan is ready to pass on one traditional English dish. Luckily, Berry has a way to convince him otherwise.

For some people, a particular food is a hard pass. Whatever the reason why, that person does not want to see that item on the plate. Cajoling, pleading, or other words of persuasion will not work. It takes a big epiphany to embrace that forkful of food.

In Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas, she welcomes TV host Rylan. Although Brussel Sprouts are a favorite English holiday ingredient, he is not a fan. As seen in this exclusive clip provided to FoodSided, Rylan might be skeptical, but Berry has a way with words and flavors.

While some parents might subscribe to the idea that getting a kid involved in the cooking process can entice them to eat their dinner, Berry does one better in this clip. Beyond the foraging fun and some witty banter, Berry teaches Rylan the hows and whys to make the Brussel Sprouts more appealing.

From cutting the Brussel Sprouts to cooking the Brussel Sprouts properly, Berry shows that cooking techniques are just as important as the flavors in the recipe. As they combine the shallots, peas and butter, the dish melts away Rylan’s fears and has him learning to appreciate the vegetable that was not his favorite.

Mary Berry Brussel Sprouts recipe
Mary Berry’s Brussel Sprouts with pea and shallots, photo provided by PBS /

This one segment showcases how Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas is more than just a compilation of recipes. It is about having real conversations, appreciating holiday traditions, and bringing a little more good will to the table. Whether there are similarities or differences on that holiday table does not matter, it is about the idea that food brings people together, creates lasting memories, and has people longing for the next time that they gather together.

For this story and more, be sure to watch Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas on PBS. It will debut on December 19 at 10 p.m. It will be available online and on the PBS App as well.