During those awkward holiday moments, Extra says Chew It Before You Do It

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(Photo by Celal Gunes/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

While the holiday season can be quite spirited, sometimes the celebrations come with awkward holiday moments. Whether it is reconnecting with relatives or the unwelcomed questions from strangers, it can be difficult not to instantly react in a not so pleasant way. This year, take some simple advice from Extra. It might be time to Chew It Before You Do It.

From the work holiday party to being delegated to the cousins table, the holiday season is not always the picture perfect moment from a Hallmark movie. While Aunt Edna might feel entitled to ask why you’ve cut your hair and grandpa might think that it is fine to comment on the tightness of your sweater, the reality is that sometimes it can be hard to stay on Santa’s nice list when the conversations take an unexpected turn.

While there is some saving grace that everyone has had one of these holiday moments, it still is not the holly, jolly scenario. Even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to think before you speak.

As Rosemary Nocito, Senior Brand Manager at Mars Wrigley said, “At Mars, we’re all about inspiring moments of everyday happiness and through EXTRA’s seasonal survey, we hope we can bring smiles to gum fans by showing that we’re all in this together and many are experiencing similar situations. For all of those uniquely interesting or awkward social interactions you may encounter this holiday season, we encourage everyone to take a moment before doing, saying, or reacting – and Chew It Before You Do It.”

Extra says Chew It Before You Do It this holiday season

The holiday season often comes with traditional events. From decorating the tree to the gift exchange, many people long for those holiday traditions. While there is merriment in those moments, a few lesser desired situations could bring out the scrooge in people.

Recently, Extra surveyed over 1,000 adults to get some insights on awkward holiday moments. From the loaded conversations to the difficult social interactions, it seems that many people are not feeling the merry and bright during the festive season. With almost two-thirds of U.S. adults having those uncomfortable holiday moments, it seems that some people might prefer to stay on the couch then venture out.

Looking at the results, the common situations are that undesired gift, prying questions, and lack of conversation topics. Although the White Elephant gift might be a humorous party game, no one wants to see that toilet seat cover under the family tree.

While many people appreciate that the holiday season should not be a time to talk about politics, religion, and marriage, the reality is that it can be hard to come up with another witty one liner about the weather, again.

Although the Extra campaign, Chew It Before You Do It, is a little tongue and cheek, it is simple, practical advice. While people shouldn’t talk with their mouth full, the old adage about think before you speak might be a forgotten art. Maybe that pause is the reset to take the conversation in a less controversial direction. Just like parents use a little diversion when talking about Santa, the same idea might be applied in other situations.

This year, take a moment, wait a beat, or just breathe. Instead of having to backtrack from that statement, just don’t say it in the first place.