Philadelphia Plant-Based spread captures the creamy texture consumers expect

New Philadelphia Plant-Based Spread hits store shelves, photo provided by Kraft Heinz
New Philadelphia Plant-Based Spread hits store shelves, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

From a schmear on a bagel to the ingredient in a dessert recipe, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a food staple in many homes. For people who prefer plant-based food options, the traditional recipe did not fit into their healthy eating choices. With the new Philadelphia Plant-Based spread, the newest offering looks to exceed consumers’ expectations.

Over the past several years, plant-based food options have taken over grocery store shelves. From dairy swaps to alternative proteins, the reality is that people want options. From the occasional swap to a complete lifestyle choice, these plant-based food alternatives have found an audience.

While there have been non-dairy cream chese options on the shelf, the iconic Philadelphia Cream Cheese had not joined the conversation. As seen in the recent company announcement, there was a reason why. After two years of development, this plant-based spread seeks to capture the creaminess that the original recipe offers. This new offering is an attempt to show consumers that a plant-based spread can be as delicious as the original and this version is worthy of a repeat purchase.

As Robert Scott, President of Research & Development at The Kraft Heinz Company said, “The influx of flexitarian consumers has driven growth within the plant-based market, which is now more than 20x the size of the vegan population. As the brand that has set the cream cheese standard for 150 years, we realized the current options weren’t meeting consumer expectations and there was no trusted leader. Philadelphia Plant-Based spread not only provides a solution that mirrors the taste and texture of our iconic Philadelphia brand, but it also reinforces Kraft Heinz’s bet to bring plant-based offerings to the masses.”

Philadelphia Plant-Based Spread
Philadelphia Plant-based Spread, photo provided by Kraft Heinz Company /

While the initial rollout is limited to the Southeast US and has only the original flavor available, it will be interesting to see how consumers not only react but use this plant-based spread. Given that the assumption is that the Philadelphia offering mimics its original version in texture and flavor, it should be an easy swap for many home cooks.

With the holiday season here, hopefully some people post about that plant-based cheesecake or even a plant-based cream cheese icing for another dessert. Even if this food is use as a simple dip or just a schmear on a bagel might be a tasty treat.

The Philadelphia Plant-Based spread is “free of dairy, lactose and gluten.” In addition, it contains no added flavors or dyes. Currently, it can be purchased at select retailers in the Southeastern US. Additional flavors and a larger rollout will happen in 2023.