Instacart predicts FoodTok trends that will actually end up in shopper’s carts

Most of the ingredients of the simple pasta feta bake: Grape tomatoes, garlic, basil and Narragansett Creamery Salty Sea Feta.
Most of the ingredients of the simple pasta feta bake: Grape tomatoes, garlic, basil and Narragansett Creamery Salty Sea Feta. /

Since food should never be bland or boring, social media, like FoodTok trends, often influences what is on people’s plates. Although some chefs and cooks make that “simple hack” appear easier than toasting bread, the reality is that a recipe, concept, or other tasty treat might not be straightforward as it seems. Looking ahead to 2023, Instacart believes that these FoodTok trends will go from scrolling to carting.

Sometimes a food video, intriguing recipe, or even that famous chef dish seems to have taken over the conversation. While it appears that everyone is devouring forkfuls of this deliciousness, the reality between what is seen on the screen and what is in people’s carts might not always be true.

Recently, Instacart’s studied the FoodTok trends that actually made their way to shoppers’ baskets. That idea of Shop the Tok shows whether people just scroll or if they actually make the food and recipes that people see online.

Some viral FoodTok trends did well. Recipes like Baked Feta Pasta, Salmon Rice Bowl, and Green Goddess Salad resulted in people buying ingredients and making those dishes. Cheesy Ramen, Pesto Eggs, and those Butter Boards did not necessarily result in purchases. Or, maybe those dishes featured food staples that were already available at home.

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Most of the ingredients of the simple pasta feta bake: Grape tomatoes, garlic, basil and Narragansett Creamery Salty Sea Feta. /

What FoodTok trends does Instacart predict will be shopped in 2023?

While food predictions can be more of an art than a science, Instacart is ready to share their insights on 2023. Although people can debate the true influence of FoodTok trends, they might not be fading as quick as some people might like.

As Trends Expert Laurentia Romaniuk said, “Our survey found that 56% of those who view food and recipe content on social media factor in affordability when considering making a recipe they viewed, and 49% factor in already having most of the ingredients at home. Most of the time and especially now in this economy, a recipe is less likely to take off if it has an extensive list of ingredients that can rack up a hefty bill. In 2023, we’ll see new food trends emerge that are conducive to budget meals — many of which will prioritize common pantry and fridge staples.”

With affordability being the primary trend, that concept is not limited to just the price of the goods. The food budget is important for families but so is convenience. Sometimes those online shopping purchases can ensure that no “extras” wind up in that cart.

While costs will impact purchases, Instacart believes that easy recipes will continue to see traction. Even if the food television personality can make that 20 ingredient recipe look simple, the reality is that home cooks want to spend less time behind the stove.

Although flavor is always a driver, the barrier of entry needs to be removed. No one wants to use special kitchen tools or unfamiliar cooking techniques. One of the reasons why baked feta pasta soared was because it was easy.

Lastly, Instacart believes that seasonality and cultural moments will continue to drive food trends. While the Green Goddess Salad is a great example, it is just one of the ideas that could continue to soar in 2023.

Whether is it healthy eating or eating in season costing less, there are plenty of reasons while seasonality seamless fits into the other FoodTok trends. These ideas might have a slightly shorter timespan due to the seasonal window but they deserve a spot on the table.

Only time will tell if these Instacart FoodTok trends will come true. Until then, it is time to shop, cook, and eat.