McDonald’s revealed 2022 top menu item ordered by fans

(Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

As McDonald’s released its FANnual Report 2.0, many people are discovering their fan persona. While that category has many people chewing on the revelation, another tasty tidbit was shared in those food findings. The McDonald’s 2022 top menu item may not be the biggest shocker, but it proves that burgers and French fries are a winning combination.

According to McDonald’s, the 2022 top menu item is their World Famous French Fries. As seen on its report, its French Fries were the top ordered menu item in every state. Given that those French Fries go with burgers, chicken, and even that McFlurry, it makes sense that the menu item would be tops.

Even more so, sometimes people just want French Fries. Who hasn’t had a late night or drive-thru order of just French Fries. Sometimes, that food is all that is needed and satisfies completely.

Given the popularity of the World Famous French Fries, it leads people to speculate whether McDonald’s could do a menu expansion with fries. Although no one is saying that poutine will be on the quick service menu, there could be a more robust French Fries offering.

Another quick service restaurant has leveraged is fries, which has made some people switch their food order. Whether it is a sprinkling of spice or a heartier topping, why could Big Mac Fries become a thing? Who wouldn’t want some special sauce on fries?

What does the McDonald’s 2022 top menu item about people’s food orders?

Beyond the French Fries popularity, McDonald’s revealed that people’s food orders tend to group them into particular personalities. The categories were “CEO, Insider, Low-Key, Carpe All Day or Newbie Fan.” While the promotion was fun and games, it is interesting how a quick service restaurant is using its food app data. Although the ordering method is convenient, it does give the company flavorful insight.

Understanding how, what, and when people order that McDonald’s food is vital to business. Beyond smart purchasing choices, it leans into special promotions or orders. If everyone loves those French Fries, maybe the free fries offers will get them to go back week after week.

Or, if the brand wants to leverage a new menu item, it might be best served when paired with favorite food orders. It does not take a CEO fan persona to appreciate that business concept.

For now, the McDonald’s FANnual Report 2.0 has some fun food facts to enjoy. Why not place an order for those World Famous French Fries and dig in.