Satisfy candy cane cravings with these peppermint flavored treats

Candy canes made the old-fashioned way at Lucas Candies in Haverstraw Dec. 9, 2022. The shop brought back the candy cane demos this year after they were halted because of the pandemic.Lucas Candies
Candy canes made the old-fashioned way at Lucas Candies in Haverstraw Dec. 9, 2022. The shop brought back the candy cane demos this year after they were halted because of the pandemic.Lucas Candies /

While candy cane cravings are real during the holiday season, peppermint flavored treats aren’t limited to just that classic candy. Cakes, cookies, and even ice cream have that wintry flavor blended into the sweet treat. Even though no one wants to get on Santa’s naughty list, the jolly one would approve of having an extra bite or two of these perfectly peppermint treats.

Duncan Hints Chocolate Peppermint EPIC Cookie Kit

Duncan Hines offers its Chocolate Peppermint EPIC Cookie Kit. This EPIC Cookie Kit seasonal offering has peppermint candy cane sprinkles. For anyone who crave easy, tasty cookies with a seasonal flavor twist, this Duncan Hines offering is a must purchase.

ALDI Stan’s Donuts Chocolate Peppermint Bark Donuts

While every week there are more tasty ALDI Finds, this holiday flavored treat is a top choice. Starting on December 14, Stan’s Donuts Chocolate Peppermint Bark Donuts will be on shelves. For anyone who has yet to enjoy some Stan’s Donuts need to try this dozen. When paired with a hot cocoa, it might be Santa’s new treat.

Swiss Miss Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Always a favorite on a chilly day, the seasonal flavor, Swiss Miss Peppermint Hot Cocoa is the perfect beverage to warm up after sledding, shoveling, or just snuggling under the blanket. Made with peppermint flavored marshmallows, it is a subtle way to enjoy that candy cane flavor. And, if you want more peppermint in the mug, use a candy cane as a hot cocoa stir stick.

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP White Chocolate Peppermint Flavored Kettle Corn

While some people might string popcorn on a tree, this seasonal offering from Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP is delightful snacking while watching those holiday movies. Combining the flavors of popcorn and peppermint bark in a single bite, it is sweet without any of those pesky “nagging” feelings about over indulging. Skip the cookies and grab another serving of this popcorn.

Susie Cakes Chocolate Candy Cane Cake

While some people love baking during the holiday season, others prefer to buy their treats. The Susie Cakes Chocolate Candy Cane Cake impresses both visually and flavor wise. The four-layer chocolate cake is filled with chocolate buttercream and crushed candy canes. Surrounded by mint buttercream, it is worthy of Holiday Baking Championship top baker.

Safeway Peppermint ice cream treats

Even though the weather might be a little chilly, there is always room for a scoop of ice cream. Safeway peppermint ice cream treats are in the freezer. From the traditional ice cream with the red and green peppermint candies to the Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches, it is time to keep the oven off and grab a spoon.

Blue Diamond Peppermint Cocoa

While the brand’s spicy flavors had some people’s cheeks turning rosy, the seasonal Blue Diamon Pepper Cocoa almonds are a must try. Whether added to a dessert board, a cheese board, or even just left on the table for anytime snacking, the Blue Diamond holiday flavor is a must. And, for a super indulgent treat, grab a can of the Snickerdoodle offering to have a warm, bright, and sweet combination.

Peppermint White Russian Shake
Peppermint White Russian Shake, photo provided by Cutwater Spirits /

Talenti Peppermint Gelato & Cutwater White Russian

While many peppermint flavored treats are edible, it does not mean that the cocktail glass should be empty. This seasonal inspired cocktail combination the always delicious Talenti Peppermint Gelato with the Cutwater Spirits White Russian. It is an adult milkshake that has people saying egg-what and totally skipping that espresso martini.

Here’s how to make this seasonal cocktail, Peppermint White Russian Shake


  • 4 scoops Talenti Peppermint Bark Gelato
  • 6 oz. Cutwater Spirits White Russian
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Whipped Cream
  • Crushed Candy Canes


Blend the Talenti Peppermint Bark Gelato and Cutwater Spirits White Russian. Serve in a chocolate-drizzled glass and top with whipped cream and crushed candy canes.

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What are your favorite peppermint flavored treats to enjoy during the holiday season? Do you still enjoy the simple pleasure of eating a candy cane?