Old Forester Extra Extra Old showcases innovation can come with age

Old Forester Extra Extra Old, photo provided by Old Forester
Old Forester Extra Extra Old, photo provided by Old Forester /

Throughout this year, Old Forester has pushed the creative boundaries with its special releases. While these limited offerings might be coveted by bourbon drinkers, the expressions are more than just a luscious sip that invites a moment of contemplation. As seen with the Old Forester Extra Extra Old, blending creativity and innovation is a wise decision that could impact future offerings.

When a special release arrives, many bourbon drinkers clamor for that first sip. Even if a person has their preferred bottle always sitting on the bar cart, these unique offerings entice. Whether the flavor pushes the conversation forward or lingers with a sense of familiarity, the bottle deserves a moment to contemplate.

To end the year, Old Forester released its Extra Extra Old. While some older generations might repeat themselves in conversation, this double dose of extra is not repetitive. The additional aging process imparts a robust flavor that can only come with additional aging.

As the first release under her new tenure, Master Taster Melissa Rift explained, “This expression was born from a creative and innovative experiment while staying true to the classic taste which sets Old Forester apart. Although I only joined Old Forester last month, this was one of the first new limited expressions I was honored to taste – and the extra long double barreling leads to an explosion of flavors.”

new Old Forester expression Old Forester Extra Extra Old
Old Forester 117 Extra Extra Old, photo provided by Old Forester /

What are the flavors of Old Forester Extra Extra Old?

Staring with the famed Old Forester 1910, the Extra Extra Old is an experimental edition that remained in a heavily charred secondary barrel for two years. Without losing its inherent character, the extra aging enhances both the spice and sweet notes in the bourbon.

Before even pouring the bourbon, the rich, aged bronze color shines through the bottle. It is almost like a precious jewel sparkling amongst the other offerings.

As the bottle is opened and the first sip is poured, the aroma highlights the sweetness in this expression. From maple syrup to dark chocolate and caramel, those notes invite a moment to savor the depth to this mature offering.

When that first sip is enjoyed, the flavors of rich mocha coffee are noticeable. Even though there are some dark cherry notes, it seemingly captures that sophistication. It feels as if it should be sipped in a tufted leather chair, in front of the fire, with a favorite novel.

Even though the creamy chocolate coffee notes do not linger, the impression that this bourbon makes is one that does not disappear on a whim. While creative and new, the sense of familiarity invites a moment to enjoy another glass.

The Old Forester Extra Extra Old is available at the distillery, online, and select Kentucky retailers in very limited quantities. It is 93 proof and is sold for $59.99 at the distillery.

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