White Claw and Netflix invite everyone to Crack the Claw

Crack the Claw game from White Claw and Netflix
Crack the Claw game from White Claw and Netflix /

While the holiday season might be merry and bright, a little intrigue can make the festivities even more engaging. With the new, exclusive game, Crack the Claw, White Claw and Netflix are presenting a serving of whodunit on a silver platter. Who is prepared to unravel this murder mystery?

With the new film, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will soon be streamed on Netflix, many people are thirsty for a new twisted tale. Although no one should reveal the devious plot, the idea of a spirited murder mystery can get many people to gather around the table. In some ways, Crack the Claw brings that idea off the screen and into the living room.

Crack the Claw is a limited edition murder mystery game created in partnership with White Claw and Netflix. For those gamers who are ready to take on the challenge, they might live up to sophisticated mind of Benoit Blanc.

As John Shea, Chief Marketing Officer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, USA said, “White Claw and Netflix are both cultural powerhouses, and we’re excited to partner together this holiday season. Crack the CLAW lends itself to gatherings of friends and family, so I can’t wait to play it with a White Claw in-hand over the holidays.”

Part of this game includes White Claw pairings for the various player roles. Whether or not players choose a role based on the persona or flavor preference is up to them. It is unclear whether that particular hard seltzer flavor will reveal a clue or two about the final outcome.

Although many people would love for this game to be wrapped under the tree, the offering is not quite that simple. Given its connection to Knives Out, just putting the game for sale would be boring.

According to White Claw, its Twitter and Instagram account will post seven riddles to solve. These answers will unlock a passcode for the website. The first 100 fans to solve the clue will get a promo code to be used at checkout. More information can be found at WhiteClaw.com/cracktheclaw.

This holiday season, there should be a little more intrigue at the table beyond Cousin Steve’s revelation that he lied about his crypto windfall last year. Get ready to Crack the Claw and put your sleuthing skills to the test.