Exclusive Triscuit holiday flavors can only be found here

Triscuit Holiday Baked Brie, photo provided by Triscuit
Triscuit Holiday Baked Brie, photo provided by Triscuit /

While the kids might be writing their holiday wish lists for Santa and dreaming of presents under the tree, one food gift is ready to be unwrapped a little sooner. The Triscuit holiday flavors are a flavor present that many people would love to receive. But, these special, never before seen flavors are not on the shelf. Do you know how to score a box?

The Triscuit brand has been delighting fans for more than 100 years. From the perfectly crisp bite to the versatile flavor, there is always a reason to have a box in the house. Whether enjoyed on their own, topped with cheese, or transformed into a single bite appetizer, the crackers inspire a bounty of culinary creations.

This year, the brand has decided to make the holidays a little sweeter. In a recent announcement, the company is releasing two special flavors for the holiday, Apple Pie and Baked Brie. While one is sweet and the other is savory, the flavors capture how the Triscuit cracker is often used at home. Who hasn’t paired a Triscuit with a little brie or added some apple chutney to an appetizer. In addition, the crackers can easily be enjoyed on their own. Sometimes, it is the little bite that satisfies in the midst of holiday chaos.

Triscuit holiday flavors
Triscuit Holiday Baked Brie, photo provided by Triscuit /

While many people would run to the store to purchase one of these Triscuit holiday flavors, they will not be available for purchase. The brand is “gifting” the specialty flavors via a sweepstakes. But, like the best holiday presents, there is only a limited supply.

To enter the Triscuit holiday flavors sweepstakes, head to the Triscuit Instagram account at 10 am EST on Thursday, December 15, 2022. More information will be available when the giveaway begins.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season. Even if you do not win a box of these Triscuit holiday flavors, open a regular box and take a moment this holiday season. Life does not have to be complicated, but snacks need to be flavorful. Luckily Triscuit delivers.