Best chocolate truffles to bring extra sweetness to holiday gatherings

Delysia Chocolatier Winter Collection Chocolate Truffles, photo provided by Delysia Chocolatier
Delysia Chocolatier Winter Collection Chocolate Truffles, photo provided by Delysia Chocolatier /

While the oven might be constantly on during the holiday season, the cookies, cakes, and other baked goods are not the only sweet treats on the plate. These best chocolate truffles bring that rich, luscious flavor to the table and it can be hard to stop at just one piece.

Delysia Chocolatier

Believing that every moment can be more memorable with chocolate, Delysia Chocolatier goes above and beyond during the holiday season. The Austin, Texas based company uses sustainable chocolates to perfect its elevated chocolate truffles.

While the brand has some year round flavors, the Christmas offerings are quite robust. For example in the Taste of Winter collection, the Lemon anise fig chocolate truffle highlights the perfect balance between bright, spicy, and jammy. In contrast, the Fruit cake chocolate truffle could have people skipping a slice of the iconic Colin Street offering for this little morsel.

Godiva Truffles

Considered an icon in the chocolate industry, Godiva Truffles are always a perfect treat during the holiday season. Even just seeing that golden box appear has people salivating for the first bite.

A box of the signature truffles includes favorites like the Chocolate Lava Cake, which captures the classic dessert in a single bite. Or, for a sweeter option, the Butterscotch Walnut, with butterscotch caramel and maple walnut cream, delights with the contrast of flavors. Available in various count sizes, the Godiva Truffles always get an enthusiastic response.

Chocolove Marc de Champagne Truffle Assortment

Since chocolate and bubbles are always a lovely pairing, Chocolove is putting that pop of flavor in its Marc de Champagne Truffle assortment. The Rose and Blanc De Blanc truffles capture the essence of champagne in both flavor and aesthetic. One bite will have the sweet emotions of eating enjoyment bubbling to the top.

Delve Mascarpone Truffles

The best chocolate truffles are inherently rich. Delve Mascarpone truffles, available at Costco, combine creamy Mascarpone cheese with sustainably sourced chocolate. Infused with equally indulgent flavors like caramel, espresso, and even some fruits, these chocolate truffles will impress with a taste of La Dolce Vita.

Milk Bar Cake Truffles

While Christina Tosi always has a creative, whimsical take on baking, the Milk Bar Cake Truffles are the perfect bite for people who cannot decide between cake and candy. Available in a variety of flavors, the chocolate recipe combines the best of cake and creamy icing in a single bite. This chocolate truffle is definitely the bomb.

These best chocolate truffles are just a few of the many, many sweet treats that are available during the holidays and all year long. Having an extra candy, dessert, or bite during the holidays will not earn you a place on the naughty list. If you miss out on the opportunity, you might not feel as holly and jolly.