Marc Sievers shares why winning America’s Test Kitchen Next Generation is so important

America's Test Kitchen The Next Generation, photo provided by Amazon Freevee
America's Test Kitchen The Next Generation, photo provided by Amazon Freevee /

After making a big impression in the first episode and winning another challenge in the second episode of American’s Test Kitchen Next Generation, Marc Sievers seems to be poised to showcase his culinary knowledge and skills. While each task presents a new challenge, for Marc it is more than just the monetary prize that drove him to this culinary competition. The sentiment behind his decision that seems to explain his culinary point of view.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Marc Sievers about this recent episode challenge win on America’s Test Kitchen Next Generation. While his flavors and creativity have impressed the judges, the French trained vegetarian chef is starting to show his strong techniques and food knowledge will serve him well.

Since each challenge has a particular concept beyond the ingredients and techniques, that concept is something that the home cook can appreciate. In this week’s challenge, Marc showed that quick thinking, knowledge and application is key to being a strong cook.

Marc said, “having confidence in yourself is key.” While Marc might have 15 years experience, he believes that any cook can use that confidence to create a great dish. He believes that an empowered home cook “will know when to pivot with an ingredient, swap something out, and be confident that it is a good choice. Even if that dish is not exactly the same dish, it will end up becoming a creation that is really fabulous.”

Marc Sievers America's Test Kitchen the Next Generation On Amazon Freevve
America’s Test Kitchen The Next Generation, photo provided by Amazon Freevee /

While that pivot might be important, Marc believes that a few kitchen essentials are the foundation of any great dish. From the gourmet grocery to even the convenience store, combining salt, pepper, and oil olive are the foundation to any dish. From his winning French Onion omelet to a more robust holiday meal, the dish is not complete without those items.

Although that concept might seem simplistic, Marc learned many of these concepts by watching America’s Test Kitchen and reading Cooks Illustrated. Without a strong understanding of technique, he would not be the cook he is today. It is that thirst for knowledge and willingness to try has given him the confidence to keep mastering his craft.

That connection to America’s Test Kitchen is a main reason why he wanted to be part of this culinary competition. Marc said, for him, although the check is nice, the money isn’t the driving force. It is “about winning a family, winning a home, winning a place that you get to come to work every day.”

Although Marc has had much success with his cookbooks and other culinary endeavors, that concept of being part of a group drives him to work harder in this culinary competition. Being able to collaborate with other creative culinary types can help him push himself.

Marc shared how he turned to America’s Test Kitchen, and it led to a recipe that has become a holiday favorite. While he may not have been a fan of the traditional pumpkin pie, he was able to use the cooking techniques and tools he learned from the brand and created a spiced pumpkin tart. For anyone who is looking to upgrade that bland pumpkin pie, this recipe is clearly a standout.

Whether or not Marc Sievers wins the title and position on America’s Test Kitchen Next Generation will be revealed on future episodes. With just two episodes aired, the future looks bright for Marc and many people are cheering him onto victory.