Antoinette Johnson makes her mark on America’s Test Kitchen The Next Generation, interview

America's Test Kitchen The Next Generation, photo provided by Amazon Freevee
America's Test Kitchen The Next Generation, photo provided by Amazon Freevee /

While the new Amazon Freevee America’s Test Kitchen The Next Generation is only on its second episode Antoinette Johnson made a splash with her impressive clams dish. The social media business owner proved that her culinary talent is more than just mastering dishes that she knows. It is about the versatility and confidence in the kitchen.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Antoinette about her time on America’s Test Kitchen The Next Generation after winning a challenge in episode two. For anyone who watching food television and culinary competitions, they know one of the unwritten rules, never present a dish that you have not made before. For Antoinette, breaking that rule worked in her favor.

When asked, Antoinette said that she didn’t even think about it. Since the challenge was to use these ingredients and techniques to present an amazing dish, she thought back to dishes that she knew. Specifically, saying, “I had made something similar or along the lines of the dish before. I felt confident that as long as I kept tasting the dish throughout the process that it would come and be good.

The importance of tasting is a valuable lesson that every home cook should appreciate. Since many people turn to America’s Test Kitchen for these types of cooking lessons, it is a big take away from this episode.

As Antoinette said, “I think that when you taste as you go, you can see where ethe dish is going. You can see where you can add a bit of this or that. It leaves no room for surprises at the end. Taste the liquid, the spice rub, whatever is going to be part of the dish, taste it all.”

In some ways, that knowledge and confidence is key for Antoinette and some smart advice that she is offering home cooks. As she said, “you do not have to know how to cook everything, but you can understand a few key techniques and how to apply them. It can make most things taste good.”

At the same time Antoinette understands that she does have to “sell” that dish. Even in the episode, she made a comment about that concept.

For her, that idea of “selling” a dish is “about being persuasive and enticing people to eat your dish.” It was more than just earning the praises of the judges. It is part of becoming a new member of the American’s Test Kitchen team. Those culinary professionals are showing, guiding, and creating food that people will want to cook and cook again.

At the same time, it is more than just a strong pitch that makes people pick up the fork. With the influx of social media influence, the visual needs to deliver. As seen in this episode, Antoinette’s dish was presented in a smart way.

When asked, she understands that she is wanting people “to stop scrolling, look at the dish, read the caption.” The hope is that someone then gets up into the kitchen and is excited to cook it, too.

As her own social media business grows, winning America’s Test Kitchen The Next Generation is more than just a prize. For Antoinette Johnson, she believes that is a testament to her hard work and commitment to mastering her techniques. In some ways, that proves that she is confident in the kitchen and beyond.

How will Antoinette Johnson fair in America’s Test Kitchen The Next Generation. Everyone will have to watch new episode every week on Amazon Freevee.