Del Taco brings back an iconic menu after an eight-year hiatus

Del Taco brings back its Orange Shake, photo provided by Del Taco
Del Taco brings back its Orange Shake, photo provided by Del Taco /

Some restaurant menu items are iconic. When they disappear from the menu, many people get upset. They become very vocal and make it known that the particular food needs to return. Luckily, one food item is back after an eight-year hiatus. Thirsty for the Del Taco Orange Shake?

From social media accounts to public commentary, the Orange Shake fans have been imploring Del Taco to bring it back to the menu. Their requests have been answered and the sweet treat is back.

Starting today, guests can order the infamous Orange Shake. More of an orange cream shake, the flavor is approachable. While it brings a taste of that classic frozen treat on a stick, it is bright, refreshing, and a perfect ending to a Del Taco meal.

The Del Taco Orange Shake is available in Mini ($1.69), Regular ($4.19) or Large ($4.89), but the price may vary depending on locations. Also, the Del Taco Orange Shake will be around for a limited time, but the brand did not specify when it will disappear. It might be best to get a sip before it leaves the menu, again.

This end of the year announcement is another example of how food fans are making their voices heard. Certain flavors and menu items resonate with people. When that bite is only a memory, people long to place that order, again. Even though there might be many other options, it is that favorite flavor that they crave. Restaurant brands have learned that it is important to bring those iconic menu items back and allowing people to satisfy their cravings.

For now, a tasty holiday present has arrived. It is time to order a Del Taco Orange Shake and celebrate the bright sweetness that it offers.