Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F bring understated elegance to the holidays, exclusive

Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F holiday tips, photo provided by Louis Jadot
Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F holiday tips, photo provided by Louis Jadot /

During the holidays, many people are longing to have that special moment. Whether it is shared across a candlelight table or toasted at the start of the day, the memories made around food are ones that linger long after the plates are cleared. Although the moment is wanted and will be cherished, no one wants to feel overwhelmed when creating the experience. With the help of Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F, a touch of French inspired understated elegance can add some sparkle to any holiday occasion.

As the number one selling French red and white wine in the U.S., many people have or will open a bottle of Louis Jadot this holiday season. The wines are approachable in flavor. Whether sipped with a classic pairing or pushing the flavor contrasts, there are plenty of reasons to have a bottle or two at the ready.

While many people in New York City are obsessed with L’Appartment 4F, the celebrated bakery in Brooklyn Heights has many people lining up for a taste of those flakey croissants or perfect baguettes. What started in their apartment has grown into a flourishing business.

Recently, L’Appartment 4F partnered with Maison Louis Jadot to offer some holiday entertaining tips. In a recent conversation with FoodSided, Ashley and Gautier, the creative forces behind the bakery, shared how they craft the perfect holiday experience.

Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F Ashley and Gautier
Ashley and Gautier for Louis Gadot, photo provided by Louis Gadot /

Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F add some French flair to holiday celebrations.

During the holidays, the group gathered around the table can be diverse and appeasing all those palates can be difficult. Having an option that is versatile is key.

When asked for their advice, Ashley and Gautier said, “There’s nothing better than spending time with loved ones over delicious food and wine. Maison Louis Jadot, America’s #1 selling French white and red wine, is a fan-favorite in our house. Both Louis Jadot Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay and Beaujolais-Villages are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed by the glass or paired with some of our favorite holiday recipes (like raclette – if you know, you know).”

Although being in the know is important, some people wonder if the classic wine pairing rules still apply. Even though more people are subscribing to the idea that you should drink what you like, some food pairings highlight the wine and the bites on the plate.

When asked, Ashley and Gautier said, “We love to pair chilled white wine like Louis Jadot’s Mâcon-Villages with our light appetizers like mini quiche or little tartine to start our meal. We don’t really subscribe to hard rules but it’s more of a feeling. Although there is nothing better than Jadot’s Beaujolais-Village, with a nice steak.”

“Also, when serving wine, proper glassware is preferred but does not matter as much as proper temperature. Our rule of thumb is to place our white wine in the fridge the day prior to ensure it’s served chill. About an hour before guests arrive, we remove the white wine from the fridge and place the red wine in the fridge. By the time guests arrive, the white wine will be the perfect sipping temperature, and the red wine will be slightly chilled and delicious for our main course.”

While many people think to pair the savory dishes with wine, a dessert pairing can be the satisfying end to a meal. But, it does take a deft hand.

Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F
Maison Louis Jadot and L’Appartment 4F holiday tips, photo provided by Louis Jadot /

Ashley and Gautier said, “Although wine is traditionally associated with savory food, we love to pair it with our desserts. Sugar remains one of the utmost important ingredients in our bakery! Our love of sugar extends to our holiday hosting as well since we love to offer an array of desserts when we host. However, it wouldn’t be a proper holiday cookie spread without our tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies! A rich, tahini chocolate chip cookie with familiar flavor notes of warm vanilla and with luxurious pockets of molten chocolate. A fruity, classic red wine makes for a delicious companion to this classic cookie. Beaujolais-Villages is a fruit-forward, juicy red made with high-quality grapes grown in the southern part of Beaujolais, France. With its expressive aromas, jammy fruit flavors, and subtle spice notes, Beaujolais-Villages is a perfect pairing for this classic holiday favorite.”

Since holiday celebrations are a time to celebrate the past and look forward to the future, the event is a time to blend old and new traditions. Ashley and Gautier appreciate that idea as well. They said, “It’s all about the little details – we love to mix and match vintage linens, plating, silverware and crystal glasses, as well as add fresh florals and candles to elevate our holiday table. We also create handwritten place cards for each guest which adds another thoughtful element to our tablescape.”

This holiday season, raise a glass of Maison Louis Jadot, toast to the good times, and sip to the celebrated moments that will be remembered long after the bottle is empty.