Papa Johns OREO Cookie Papa Bites end the meal with the sweetest treat

New OREO Cookie Papa Bites from Papa Johns, photo provided by Papa Johns
New OREO Cookie Papa Bites from Papa Johns, photo provided by Papa Johns /

While a pizza might be a crowd pleaser, some people crave a taste of sweetness to end the meal. With the new Papa Johns OREO Cookie Papa Bites, the latest menu innovation shows that sweet shareable sides are just as tasty as their pizza.

Papa Johns has evolved its menu over the past year. Whether it is the Papa Bowls that showcased the deliciousness of its toppings or the gigantic Shaq-a-Roni offering, the pizza brand understands that its guests want more than just another cheese slice.

Since pizza is often best enjoyed with friends, some people prefer to have choices with that slice. It is more than people just wanting a particular topping. Sometimes, a bite beyond the pie can make everything more satisfying. As Papa Johns expands its shareable menu, it is a different take on the concept of sharing is caring.

new OREO Cookie Papa Bites from Papa Johns
Papa Johns Bites menu include the new OREO Cookie Papa Bites, photo provided by Papa Johns /

What can guests expect from the new Papa Johns OREO Cookie Papa Bites?

According to a recent company announcement, the OREO Cookie Papa Bites take OREO cookie crumbles and surround it with the Papa Johns fresh, never frozen six-ingredient dough. Served with sweet icing, the cookie bites can be dipped, drizzled or enjoyed however people choose.

Looking at this new menu item, it is a tasty, sweet ending to the meal. More importantly, the bite isn’t too sweet. By using the classic pizza dough, the bite does not become a sugar bomb. While a familiar flavor from the OREO cookie crumbles, that combination with the pizza dough makes it easy to eat more than one.

Given that this menu item is meant to be shared, it may be helpful to buy two orders. No one wants to fight over the last OREO Cookie Papa Bites during the holiday season. Priced at just $4.99, the value is clear, and it makes it easy to place a second order.

The new OREO Cookie Papa Bites join the Jalapeno Papa Bites and Chicken Parmesan Papa Bites. It could be possible to make a whole meal of “Bites.” Or, it could be an easy way to make that food board more robust. Why not add some of these items to a savory or sweet board. It would be delightful for all that holiday grazing.

The new OREO Cookie Papa Bites are available to Papa Rewards loyalty members now. All guests can order this menu item starting on December 26. It is priced at $4.99.