Chef Michael Symon shares how flavors elevate every special occasion

(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF) /

While home cooks might long to make a perfectly crafted chef inspired meal, Chef Michael Symon appreciates that a special occasion deserve a blend of deliciousness and a great product. It is time to put a tasty meal on the table and a raise a glass of Diplomático Rum.

As part of a longstanding partnership, Chef Symon and Diplomático Rum have showcased the nuanced flavors of food and beverage pairings. While Chef Symon might be a fan of the quintessential American Spirit, the Diplomático Rum has an a robust flavor that appeals to many whisky drinkers. Whether drunk neat or shaken into a cocktail, the aged rum has a flavor which appeals to a wide variety of drinkers.

During a conversation with FoodSided, Chef Symon spoke to how he used Diplomático rum with some of his favorite recipes. While the celebrated chef might appreciate his whiskey drinks, he has discovered an appreciation for Diplomático Rum and its flavors.

When asked about the Diplomático Rum, Chef Symon said, it opened his eyes as a ched. Appreciating how the flavors and play with a variety of ingrdients as well as the tradition steeped into every bottle the Diplomático Rum is a great product that lends itself to a lovely sipper.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or shaken into a cocktail, the options are many. Chef Symon said, with this spirit, “it is not messing it up. When a product tastes so good, it is making sure that everything enhances that flavor.” Just like cooking a dry aged ribeye, starting with a great ingredient lends itself to a better result.

While many people think of pairing a wine with a great steak, Chef Symon encourages people to think outside of the box. Whether it is a Godfather cocktail featuring the Diplomático Rum or just enjoying a sipper neat, the pristine ingredients deserve an elevated pairing. Great ingredients in a dish deserve an experience food and beverage pairing.

Although some run drinks tend to run sweet, like a coquito or those vacation themed sippers, an aged rum, like the Diplomático rum, does not have to go in that direction.

For example, Chef Symon believes that this brand offers a well-curated rum that has a depth of flavor and different notes that lends itself to food and beverage pairings. While Chef Symon loves the Godfather Cocktail, it is one of many options that can be poured from the cocktail shaker.

Since the Diplomático Rum, specifically the Reserva, has orange peel and toffee notes that lend themselves to other pairings. From an old fashioned to enjoying it with a simple garnish, there are many options.

With the cooler weather taking over, Chef Symon recommends even a simple pairing of an apple cider. Even if those extra apple peel from an apple dessert are repurposed into a syrup or infused liquor, the flavor is quite robust. With a touch of bitters, the infused rum is perfect. Plus when served with an apple tart, it is absolutely delightful.

From the end of the year to the next, Diplomático Rum is the versatile offering that entices Chef Michael Symon to make another pour. What will be in your glass this holiday season?